The talk of town

The talk of town

So everyone was talking about the impending storm on Halloween night. And I mean, everyone. The owner of the Chinese fast food place we frequent, he was the one who told us the storm would start around 11pm. We stepped out of his restaurant a little after 7pm and we were practically air-lifted by the gusty wind and transported to our car. Now that was convenient!

When we got home, I deliberately parked the car outside so the rain (when it came) would give my car that much-needed wash. You have no idea how dusty my car is. It hasn’t rained in months! If you know me, you know I don’t wash my car, like ever. Rather than getting all wet and soapy, I’d rather leave it to Mother Nature to do the dirty job for me. If it rains, I get a free car wash. If it doesn’t, well, I drive a dusty car.

Saturday afternoon on our way to a Thai lunch

Saturday afternoon on our way to a Thai lunch

You can imagine my joy when I heard the rain was coming. Apparently the Chinese fast food guy also had the same thoughts. He happily confessed he was going to leave his car out to get a free car wash that night. See, I’m not the only weird one. Anyone else who doesn’t wash their car? let’s have a show of hands.

So it’s Halloween night, right, and my daughters have been saving candy for the neighborhood kids who would come trick or treating. As it turned out, no one showed up at our door. Maybe it was just as well. Maybe trick or treating has gone virtual, who knows?

Anyhoo, Hip2bDaughter1 peeked out the window and shrieked in delight, “It’s raining, omg, where’s my phone? I need to take a picture of this!” And we all rushed to the front door, opened it and true enough, it was raining! The wind was very strong but the rain was, well, somewhat drippy, like someone is sitting on a cloud pouring rain from a jug, know what I mean?

Earlier we’d seen a news clip on TV that showed the storm at a nearby city. Yup, the ground was wet and that was it. A storm, they call it? That ain’t no storm!! On the equator, there are freakin’ huge electric storms complete with Zorro lightning flashes, deafening thunder and blinding walls of rain like someone emptying barrels from the sky. You can’t see to drive. You turn your windscreen wipers to the max and hope they don’t fly off. Now that’s a storm!

In Vancouver, the rain is drippy like what we had but it goes on every single freakin’ day for days and days. So annoying! Here it started raining on Friday night all through into Saturday afternoon and we were done. Everyone I met was talking about it and then the sun comes back out, strong as ever, and life goes back to normal. So much for the rain.

To the person who called me Madam

Yes, you did tick me off. I picked up your call on a sunny morning and when I heard you call me “Madam So-and-So”, the skies turned grey outside! I don’t like being called Madam. I may be okay with Ma’am, or maybe not but Madam is a definite no!

I don’t like the sound of it. It gives me da goosebumps and makes me go, who? me? madam? It’s archaic, antiquated, like aged paint peeling off the walls. It conjures images of a huge woman standing over the stove, wooden spoon in hand, ready to smack some poor kid. That’s not me. I can’t see myself.

I know you’re trying to be polite and all, being that you’re trying to sell me something. I get that. But you could’ve asked, “How should I address you?” and we could’ve happily sorted it all out right there.

I mean, come on, Madam? Seriously? In this day and age? Take a look outside your window (if you have one). Hell-llo?!! It’s the 21st century. You can’t go around calling people Madam. Ask around, there’s many ladies like me out there, I’m sure!

A jumpstart of sorts

Seems like a while since I managed to crank out two posts in a week. I know. It’s come to this 😳 . The weekends go so fast, and the weather’s been nothing short of ridiculous, and I haven’t been taking many photos of the same old, and I’ve been running errands the length of my arm, and so when Monday rolls around, all I seem to be doing is catching my breath…

Yeah, that’s a lot of and’s. Anyhoo, here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to.

Early last week, we were invited to the premier screening of How to Train a Dragon 2. How cool that there was a pre-movie dinner buffet, and caramel popcorn and soda served to us just as the movie started. Talk about being thoroughly spoiled 😆 .

The movie, well, it was cute and simple, nothing too complicated that you had to get your grey matter in knots. In stumbling upon a new colony of dragons, Hiccup inadvertently finds himself reunited with his long-lost mother. I would’ve liked certain parts of the movie to be better developed to give it a bit more depth. Still I guess it’s a movie for kids and they would appreciate that the plot is easy to understand.

In other news, I’m thoroughly enjoying the World Cup. Not watching it, yeah, ours is probably the only household where no one watches soccer (or badminton for that matter). But we’re thrilled that while the rest of the world is hung over or glued to the TV, we’ve got the roads, malls and restaurants pretty much to ourselves. Lovin’ it!

With this, I’m gonna kick back for a bit now that the weekend’s here again. Here’s hoping next week will be a better week as far as posts (oh and pictures) go.

Bah humbug!

It’s been one of those weeks where you come and go like a robot, not knowing if you’re coming or going but just barely moving along. Ever had one of those?

My allergies are acting up and those are what I’m about this past week… itchy, tired, irritable.

I woke up this morning and realized the weekend is here and this apparently isn’t just any weekend. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Who knew? 😆 Certainly not me. I’ve been a mom long enough to know that this is one of those things that’s fun to celebrate but if you don’t, it’s no big deal, know what I mean? Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating.

I’m in no mood to blog so I’ll leave it at this. For now.

The weather and other randomness

The weather and other randomness

The cold is back intermittently and so is the drippy rain. We leave the windows open to let in the cool air. It’s sunny again today and we’re planning to take a stroll on this sidewalk strewn with cherry blossom petals.


I caught this brilliant sunset at 8:06pm. Yup, the days are definitely getting longer.


By the way, did you catch the blood moon Tuesday night? My daughter’s Astronomy professor invited the class to the mountains to catch the lunar eclipse that night but there are no buses running at 2:00am so that was that. A shame she missed it. This is, after all, the best place to see the Northern Lights and such. Outer space is so fascinating I wish I could’ve taken his class.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been waking up these past few mornings hoping they’ve made progress and found more survivors in that South Korean ferry incident *sigh*. Those poor kids, how helpless and distraught their parents must be. My heart breaks. Guess there’s nothing to do but pray.

In defense of winter

In defense of winter

Well, spring is officially here. It rained the first day of spring, then over the weekend, the sun came out bright and blazing hot. When it’s that sunny, even at 50 degrees, it’s still warm enough to be out sans jacket and with only my trusty umbrella. Now that’s what I call liberating.


Most days are still cloudy, rainy and chilly but I really don’t mind. I’ve been walking all winter and loving the cold. This morning, I’d just left the house when it started raining. I didn’t have my umbrella or a hoodie on so I didn’t get very far. Still the rain and wind on my face made me happy.

As for spring, the signs are definitely hard to miss. These buds seem to have appeared overnight. Just how do the trees know it’s spring and when to spring those buds? my daughter asks.


Spring has always been my favorite season though these days, I might just be leaning a little towards winter as well since I’ve enjoyed this past winter so much. I just find the drippy rain a tad annoying. Otherwise it’s beautiful especially when it snows which it rarely does. We’re lucky we had 3 wondrous days of snow this year.


For all of its bleakness, blur-ness and brr-ness, winter has its charms. Frosty mornings, foggy days, freezing temps. It’s a really nice change from perennial sunny 90-degree weather. It’s actually nice not to see the sun. I don’t miss it at all. I don’t care what anyone else says, I love winter anyways.

I’m intent on savoring the last bit of the cold. If you’re waiting for warmer days, be patient, they’ll be here sooner than you think. Have a great weekend.

Another day of snow

Another day of snow

It snowed all day Saturday and it was still snowing all through Sunday and right up till this morning. We peeked outside and we’re laughing. Pure white snow, even thicker and whiter than the day before, coating everything in sight. Prettiest thing ever.


It was 30 degrees outside but we didn’t care. We piled on the layers and headed out again. It was snowing heavily. I love the sight of the snowflakes coming down and the feel of it on my face. #prettyawesome


Our feet sank deep into the snow and we left even deeper footprints. There must’ve been at least a few inches of snow. If there’s one thing about snow, it’s that it has so much more character than rain. Rain is, well, just rain but snow, now that’s something else, it has a whole different personality.


Everything was covered in a thick sheet of white. No kids on this playground and no one else around. Just us. People must think we’re crazy, trudging back and forth in the freezing cold, throwing snow at each other, building another snowman (a bigger one this time, the girls are getting pretty good at it) and taking pictures like it’s going out of style.


I can’t get enough of seeing how beautiful the snow looks on the trees, the branches, the leaves. It’s stuff we see in the movies and yet it’s all real. It’s all right here in front of me. I can touch it, feel it and I’m a part of it. Pretty awesome. It makes me happy inside.


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