There’s something about books

There's something about books

My brood of bookworms grew up reading books. I’m so glad.

One of the treasures in our library

Well, if you’ve noticed, for some time now, books are being slowly but surely replaced by the Kindles and the iPads and the e-readers. I’m not sure I like the idea. Somehow a book doesn’t feel like a book when it’s a bunch of words on a cold, hard screen.

It’s just not the same.

With a book, you come to the last paragraph on a page and your fingers are eagerly twitching to turn the page. The excitement is at your fingertips followed by the familiar rustle of the turning page. Not if you’re reading from a screen!

With a book, you can curl up like a foetus on the sofa or the bed and bury your face in the soft pages. With a screen, um, not so much!

With a book, there’s that challenge to remember the page number you stop at (if you’re stubborn like me and refuse to use a bookmark). And if you can’t remember the page number, having to flip through the pages to find your spot really isn’t so bad. With a screen, I don’t know.

A book, yellowed and worn with age, is like an antique, a true treasure to be passed down through the generations. As you flip the pages and cast your eyes on those well-worn words, it’s like taking a trip through time, living the story that others before you have lived in another place, another time. That, in itself, is a priceless adventure.

How do you feel about books?

Weekend wrap and pseudo-wisdom

  1. Past, present, future aren’t the only tenses in the English language. What can you do with 3 tenses seriously?
  2. A loaf of bread for 35 bucks. Wouldn’t’ve believed it if I hadn’t see it with my own eyes. Is it made of gold powder?
  3. Pixie haircuts are for those with flawless bone structures and facial features. Like Emma Watson 😉 .
  4. Badminton and soccer are for girls. Bring on the Super Bowl!
  5. Fascinated by Sweet Serendipity. Whenever I hear it in the car, I recognize it instantly. Don’t know the guy but love the video and the song. So upbeat, so good for the soul.

going bananas

Can’t think what to write 😆 . Guess those bananas didn’t help, huh? Skye told me they’re brain food so I thought surely they will send a blog idea straight to me…. *waiting*

this mom’s favorite song

Currently… “I gotta feeling” by Black-eyed Peas.

Used to be… “Isn’t a wonder?” by Boyzone.

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