this mom’s favorite movies

Confessions of a Shopaholic – simply because I love to shop.

Definitely, Maybe – because.

Fast and Furious 4 – because Paul Walker is in it, woo-hoo!

who is…

… your favorite Disney princess?

The girls and I used to watch a lot of Disney movies and cartoons. We love Ariel, the little mermaid with gorgeous hair.

learning to read

All my kids were reading by age 4. Steev and Raine, my older ones, could read Peter and Jane books by the time they were 3 years old, and Skye around 4. I started late with her because I was too busy with the two older ones. Not an excuse but you know how everything becomes a blur when you work full-time and have 3 kids. But I guess as long they learn to read before they turn 25, they should be okay.

how to save money at the movies?

Me and the kids have been watching a number of movies lately. Okay, we’re movie freaks! We love going to the cinema but that can get pretty expensive for the 4 or 5 of us. So mostly we try to watch movies at home where we can pretty much just spread ourselves out all over the living room and crunch snacks till we pop.

But when we do go to the cinema, there’s a couple of things we do to save money:

Go on a day when they’re offering special rates. Even better, these are usually the slow days when you practically have the whole cinema to yourself 😆 .

Bring our own bottled water and snacks. Well, okay, you may have to smuggle it in depending on what kind of monsters you meet at the gate.

I’m slow today, can’t think of any more. Got any of your own movie-going tips to share?

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