The thing about sushi

The thing about sushi

I finally figured out why I’m not as crazy about sushi as I should be. I mean, I love Japanese food. It’s true I wouldn’t touch Japanese noodles of any kind – shoba, udon, I don’t care what you call them – with a 10-foot pole. But apart from that, I love everything else – the sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki, wasabe (especially the wasabe), even the odd teriyaki.

So what is it with sushi? *sigh*

I think the reason may well be this. A typical sushi roll is too big a mouthful to take in all at once without looking like a glutton. Yet the fact that it comes packaged so neatly in a roll with a piece of seaweed in the middle makes it madness to even try to bite in half.

Darn that seaweed!

Have you ever tried biting through sushi without getting your teeth entangled in that almost elastic seaweed and the topping mashed up against your front teeth?

Not a pretty picture!

I turn the sushi sideways, forwards and backwards, east and west but there is just no way!! So if I can’t cram it all in and I can’t bite it in half, how else can I get at it – gracefully? I’d like to hear how you eat your sushi, pray tell. I need to learn to do this with grace without embarrassing myself.

So how do you get hiccups to stop?

I grew up being told to drink water whenever I had the hiccups. As I got older, someone simplified that tip to – take 7 sips of water instead. And if the first 7 sips doesn’t work, just take another 7 sips, then another till the hiccups stop.

Then the 7-sips tip got simplified even further to – hold your breath for 7 seconds. Even better, I’m someone who likes simple. And if the first 7 seconds doesn’t work, then just go for another 7, then another… you get the idea. Aah, my poor nose!

While the 7’s methods sound good, they don’t always work. Lately we’ve had some spells of hiccups in the Hip household. I have no idea what brings on the hiccups. But Raine got them first a couple of times, and then I got them. Oh joy!

Hiccups are so annoying when they keep on and on, no matter what you do, and refuse to go away. How do you get them to stop? I’d be interested to see if you know something I don’t. Can’t wait to hear how you deal with them, even if it’s an old wives’ tale 😉 .

Recent words of wisdom

The most recent words of wisdom I’ve heard that stuck with me —

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

So true!


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15 tips to get through life

Going Green with the Grizls

1. Mind your manners. Don’t forget to say your thank-you’s and excuse me’s. Always greet your elders i.e. say your hello’s and goodbye’s.

2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, so says Confucious. Never met the guy but he sure sounds like he knows what he’s talking about 😉 .

3. Appreciate and be grateful for what you have and what others do for you.

4. Never go to a party or a function on an empty stomach. Always eat something before you go because you never know when the meal is going to be served and more importantly, when the food is finally served, your hunger won’t make you look like you haven’t eaten in weeks.

5. Live within your means.

6. Don’t take what’s not yours and that includes other people’s money, stuff, scholarships, spouses (?), etc. Karma makes the world go round and it can be a real b*tch. Maybe not now. But definitely somehow.

7. Think for yourself. Have a mind of your own. Form your own opinions. Where the herd is headed may not be right for you.

8. Before you jump into anything, think of the consequences.

9. Live and let live, and that includes animals and creepy crawlies.

10. Show kindness, compassion and humility.

11. Be yourself. Be real. No point trying to keep up with the Kardashians or be someone you’re not because you’ll always be you, not Angelina, not Halle. Besides why would you want to be them? Maybe you’re having it better than they are but you just don’t know it 😉 .

12. If you don’t know something, say you don’t know. It’s better than lying or faking it. No one can know everything except maybe for dahling Google. Like my teacher always said, it takes a great man to admit he doesn’t know.

13. Laugh at yourself. It’s therapeutic.

14. Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep. Think that came from a song 😆 .

15. Don’t waste food. Lots of hungry people out there, give them a thought.

Some of these (the more profound ones) I picked up from my doting grandmother and school teachers as I was growing up. Some, I made up along the way. Some are no-brainers.

We don’t talk anymore

We don't talk anymore

There we were at dinner one evening. At the table next to us was a family of 5. Daddy, Mommy, 3 kids – and 3 gadgets (see red arrows). Daddy is coaching the middle child (aged about 7). When I snapped this picture, they’d gone to the restroom. Mommy is coaching the youngest (aged about 5). The oldest child is well on his own.

Everyone is “busy”, “engaged”, eyes fixated on their screens. All is quiet. Not a beep from their table. The only communication in this family seems to be the wi-fi connection. Even after the food arrives, they’re still at it and barely ate. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

It seems to be becoming more and more of a trend these days. Scary, I know. Families are spending time together – apparently – but they don’t talk. Couples are on dates but they don’t talk. The gadgets have taken over! 🙄

Wearing my pajamas in public?

No, not me! No way. It’s just not me to jump out of bed, sail out the door in my PJs, hair like a tornado, teeth unbrushed, nah, not even if I’m running late.

Well, first off, we have these handy little contraptions called alarm clocks to ensure we don’t oversleep and miss class. We factor in plenty of time (more than an hour) for rush hour traffic and of course, for dallying over breakfast, shower and getting ready.

My kids know the drill. No one skips breakfast or the shower. No one leaves the house in their PJs. Same rules apply on the weekend and on vacation when we’re staying at hotels. I’m not a tiger mom but we do have rules.

Well, I’ve seen one of my neighbors outside her house, and a woman at a nearby gas station at 7:30 in the morning in just their PJs and not much else in the way of… shall I say, support systems, and it really freaked me out! I don’t know, might be a good thing to keep the neighborhood G-rated, ya know 😆 .

Should parents pay their kids to do the chores?

Was reading the news about a NC dad who pelted his 15yo daughter’s laptop for posting a rude piece about her parents on Facebook. Have you heard? Well, he posted a video response on her FB wall reprimanding her and then ended up firing 9 rounds into her laptop.

I can so see why he flew into a rage when he read the things she wrote. Frankly I would’ve too. She was ranting (with a healthy dose of expletives) about how she had to do chores around the house (like sweeping the floor and making her own bed, wow!) and saying that (get this!) her parents should pay her for doing stuff around the house.

That, if you ask me, was totally disrespectful and downright unacceptable! I’ll say he had every reason to be angry and disappointed but well, okay, his reaction might’ve been ju-ust a tad over the top 😀 .

I have to admit that at one point, I was contemplating paying my son to wash my minivan. Many parents pay their kids to do chores around the house, to help out, even to score good grades in their exams (wow, this one’s really got me 🙄 ). I know.

Well, at first, I thought it might be a good way for them to learn how to manage their money. Then again, they can always learn to do that with their allowance, right? So I changed my mind before I started what might’ve been a dangerous precedence for turning money into an incentive for everything they do.

Turns out Tommy Jordan, the laptop-shooting daddy, has it along the same lines as what I was thinking. His argument is this.

You live here in this house where we, your parents pay for everything – your laptop, your cellphone, your clothes, your shoes, your holidays, your education, your everything… And all you have to do is go to school, get driven back and forth heck, eat meals you don’t even have to cook yourself, collect your allowance and I have to pay you to do stuff around the house??!!

Indeed! Thanks for saying it out loud. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m your parent, not your employer, and as the family, we shouldn’t be bringing dollars and cents into every little thing we do. Well, that’s just me. What do you think?

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