Kitchen creative

Kitchen creative

Skye and Hip2bDad are making their nightly run to the kitchen. Skye is pouring herself a glass of milk while Hip2bDad happily pops a fresh egg into the microwave. And before we know it,…


Skye jumps out of her skin. Hip2bDad wonders what the heck’s going on. The small explosion is heard all the way upstairs. Looks like a midnight artist tried to create modern art in my microwave. Let a man loose in the kitchen and they sure can get creative!! Hahaha!

wordless Wednesday

wordless Wednesday

some like it hot!

some like it hot!

With 4 picky eaters in the house, me included, it’s quite a challenge coming up with food we all like. This Thai-style crispy chicken is our current dinner favorite. It’s a dish we often order when we eat out at Chinese restaurants. Since it’s such a hit with everyone, I decided to cook it at home…

… um, without a recipe. I’m not very good at following recipes. I like to just grab ingredients on the fly and dunk them all in. Surprisingly this dish of lightly fried chicken topped with shredded carrots, onions and cucumber in Thai chilly sauce turned out very tasty eaten over rice. My kids lick the platter clean every time I cook this.

Go ahead and give my easy-peasy Thai-style crispy chicken recipe a try. You can adjust the heat level to your family’s taste and still have it taste as good 😉 .

do you bento?

do you bento?

Bentos are cute and all, and certainly if it inspires your kids to eat what you give them, but if I have to stand in the kitchen all morning putting it together, there’s just no way! They’ll just have to learn to eat regular food that regular people eat, hmmph!

bento box

Do you make bento boxes for your kids? Have you ever had bento as a kid?

I’m craving this

I'm craving this

milk 'n cookies

Yes, yes, we’ve gone without sleep for 20 hours so I don’t know if I’m still talking straight. I’m starting to see Oreos floating across the wall. I reach out with one hand 😛 , they vanish before my very eyes.

So what are you seeing on your wall?

mokia’s food meme

mokia's food meme

What was the last thing you ate?
Two bananas that drove me bananas.

What are you craving right now?
An icy cold tea.

What is one thing you will NOT eat if you had to pick one?
Hamburger, ask my kids, I avoid hamburgers like the plague.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring three food items (that magically regenerated), what would you pick?
Cantaloupe, bagels and you guessed it, chocolate orange truffles 😉 !

chocolate orange truffle

Describe what goes in your dream sandwich:
Turkey ham, alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumber, tomatoes.

Favorite ice cream flavor and toppings?
Chocolate chip, no topping, thanks.

If you had to order pizza right now, what would you order on it?

What was the first thing you learned to cook?
Can’t remember, Szechuan chicken, I think it was, courtesy of my roomie at college.

The most recent?
Oh, haven’t you heard about my shepherd’s pie? My kids love it and so do I. Told you I’m a born poet!

homemade shepherd's pie

what do your kids have for breakfast?

Our breakfasts are usually fairly simple on school days. There’s no time for anything fancy. Besides everyone’s pretty grumpy when they have to get up early and off to school 😆 . So it usually bread, sometimes toast, with butter and jam, and some tuna sandwiches or cookies for recess.

On weekends, we may have eggs, sausages and baked beans. Or if it’s the kids’ lucky day, I will agree to take them to McD’s for what they call “a real breakfast”.

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