I’m craving this

I'm craving this

milk 'n cookies

Yes, yes, we’ve gone without sleep for 20 hours so I don’t know if I’m still talking straight. I’m starting to see Oreos floating across the wall. I reach out with one hand 😛 , they vanish before my very eyes.

So what are you seeing on your wall?

mokia’s food meme

mokia's food meme

What was the last thing you ate?
Two bananas that drove me bananas.

What are you craving right now?
An icy cold tea.

What is one thing you will NOT eat if you had to pick one?
Hamburger, ask my kids, I avoid hamburgers like the plague.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring three food items (that magically regenerated), what would you pick?
Cantaloupe, bagels and you guessed it, chocolate orange truffles 😉 !

chocolate orange truffle

Describe what goes in your dream sandwich:
Turkey ham, alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumber, tomatoes.

Favorite ice cream flavor and toppings?
Chocolate chip, no topping, thanks.

If you had to order pizza right now, what would you order on it?

What was the first thing you learned to cook?
Can’t remember, Szechuan chicken, I think it was, courtesy of my roomie at college.

The most recent?
Oh, haven’t you heard about my shepherd’s pie? My kids love it and so do I. Told you I’m a born poet!

homemade shepherd's pie

what do your kids have for breakfast?

Our breakfasts are usually fairly simple on school days. There’s no time for anything fancy. Besides everyone’s pretty grumpy when they have to get up early and off to school 😆 . So it usually bread, sometimes toast, with butter and jam, and some tuna sandwiches or cookies for recess.

On weekends, we may have eggs, sausages and baked beans. Or if it’s the kids’ lucky day, I will agree to take them to McD’s for what they call “a real breakfast”.

how to save money on groceries?

We got to eat, right? But how do we keep that grocery bill from blowing itself to Mars? Here are some tips:

Use grocery coupons.

Stock up on items that are on sale.

Make a list of non-essentials and wait for the sale.

Don’t buy on impulse. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

Now it’s your turn. Feel free to share your tips.

this is all I can think of

this is all I can think of

Okay, I can’t even think of food right now, or rather, I shouldn’t. I just did a snack run less than 2 hours ago so my tummy shouldn’t be growling. But it is. So yes, I am thinking of food… and this is what I’m thinking of right now.


favorite yogurt

favorite yogurt

With 3 picky eaters, you can almost bet I’m ever on the lookout for new and interesting food to feed the brood. Okay, I know that rhymes, so I’m a born poet! This is the latest thing I picked up and it’s now our family favorite.

Nestle Extra Creamy Yogurt

It’s what I gobble when I get back from the gym. Who else gobbles the rest, I love  you. It’s hard enough getting kids to eat good food and this is one of them 😛 . Anyone else a fan of luscious creamy yogurts?

the spoils

The girls and I went groceries yesterday as planned and we had a blast picking out our snacks. Let’s see what we ended up with – 2 big tubs of yogurt, 15 bottles of cultured milk in our favorite flavors, bananas for the banana split we’re planning to make later, 10 packs of chips to go with my guacamole dip.

Doesn’t seem like much but our pantry is already jam-packed with other goodies and the essentials of milk, coffee and tea. We’ve just had a giant cup of Starbucks coffee so that should keep us going for a while, I think 😆 . Is the Blogathon designed to make us fat? I wonder 😉 .

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