Leave out fall? Nah!

Leave out fall? Nah!

We’ve gone from hot and sunny to wintry cold, straight from summer to winter. Whatever happened to fall? I love fall. There’s a certain romance about the colorful backdrop, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the need to huddle together for warmth. Do you think Mother Nature would be so mean as to leave out fall altogether (heck, was that an ever so subtle pun right there? I do surprise myself sometimes)? Here’s proof she hasn’t forgotten!


I took this picture the other day. The colors of fall are awesome against a completely cloudless sky. You ponder what an amazing job Mother Nature does with her palette, taking her time to paint each and every leaf from the spirited scarlets, to the mellow maroons, to the awe-inspiring auburns, to the unyielding yellows, and all the shades in between. It’s sad these amazing colors won’t last long though before the trees became brown and bare 🙁 .

But the best of fall cuisine and cooking is still here to enjoy. More on that later?

Sounds of the season

It’s game season. Football? Basketball? How does an otherwise clueless un-sports fan like me know? Well, it may surprise you but when I hear the sounds of a marching band practising every other day, I know! I may not be able to tell you the difference between a trumpet and a trombone, or a woofer and a mesa mini rectifier but I sure do know that when the marching bands start practising, it’s game season!

What’s rocking our tastebuds this week

What's rocking our tastebuds this week

Don’t ask me how we ended up with 4 loaves of multigrain bread but we did. Obviously there was no way we were going to get through those in one week! Hey wait, everyone loves garlic bread, right? I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t. So garlic bread it is, yes, the hip homemade version – the quickest way to move those loaves fast!


And for a weeknight dinner, I have a huge slab of salmon. If you know me, you know I go berserk over salmon. So we grilled one-third of the slab for dinner. The kiddy meal sized strips of salmon that restaurants serve are exactly that – for kids! I mean, c’mon, how’s 3 little mouthfuls gonna satiate a grown adult’s appetite?! and no way I’m going to pay the ridiculous price to order more! So homemade grilled salmon it is! You can see I’m going crazy here with this portion for 3 of us.


And for the occasional afternoon snack – tadaaa! This is like the most amazing comfort food when you step in the door from 90 degrees outside. I fell in love with Dreyers during my penny-pinching days in college, couldn’t afford it. Never had slow-churned either. Turns out this is the best thing ever. It’s half the fat, it’s silky smooth, and has a very, very mildly sweet coffee flavor. So-oo gonna grab 2 more tubs this weekend – watch me!!


Okay, so that’s it for a quick round-up of what’s rocking those picky tastebuds. Oh and not forgetting those 2lbs of crazy juicy grapefruits!


Monday morning ramblings

I’m in a rambling mood today, sorta so just ignore me while I ramble away…

So here’s the story about last weekend at the grocery store. A staff was loading up the shelves. He had boxes and a cart along one side of the aisle. I was walking past to get to the other end of the aisle when two bottles of sauce (looked like mayo) fell off his cart, crashed onto the floor and some of it splattered onto my clothes, face and hair. I got a new look instantly. A mayo makeover, if you will…

… and last night, did anyone see the super moon? We got pretty excited about it earlier in the evening but when 7:00pm rolled around, we were getting ready to sit down for dinner, so we figured, forget it, growling tummies get first priority, we can always catch the super moon on live feed later. Well, it wouldn’t be live any more but …

… yeah, so scientists found water on Mars, liquid water that flows on the surface of the planet in spring and summer, a sure sign of life, but then they determined that water to be too cold for anything on Earth to survive in. Agreed, Earthlings may not be able to survive on Mars, but that doesn’t mean no other life forms can. For the most part, humans are so self-centered they think they’re the only ones inhabiting the universe. I’m pretty sure there’s no shortage of aliens checking us out too *waves back*. There IS definitely life on other planets, the Buddha said so 2,600 years ago, and I believe that. Just because we can’t see them in the pictures that space probes beam back doesn’t mean that they don’t exist…

… and in other news, I have just eaten half a grapefruit the size of a personal watermelon, and it was the juiciest thing ever, a far cry from the slightly bigger than an orange-sized ones that I have to squeeze to death for every last drop of juice that it’s worth. I guess it helps to have the world’s orchards in your backyard, eh! I’ve got a 10lb bag of these delicious babies in the fridge, gonna take my time to work through them.

Okay, that’s all the rambling from me today. Have a great one, folks!


It’s raining!! Yup, you heard me! It’s freakin’ raining!! It hasn’t rained in California for ages so you can imagine how it’s been on the agricultural produce that California is famous for – the grapes, apricots, peaches, oranges, almonds, walnuts, … Our back lawn is parched, and our poor car, rarely washed, to conserve water, has been wearing an unfashionable coat of dirt and dust.

The rain is not heavy, just steady but it’ll do. I’m standing at the open window just breathing in that distinctly cool and nostalgic freshness. It takes me back to overcast college days of hoodie-clad me racing down tree-lined paths on my racer bike with the cool breeze whipping the rain lightly onto my face  It always made me feel light-hearted and so happy.

I love the distinct smell of the rain here. It’s so clean you just can’t help being greedy and taking it lungful after lungful of its cooling freshness. It’s certainly not the kind of rain that serves to come down in torrents to wash away the disgusting pong of trash left behind on the streets by the garbage truck, shall we say?

It’s still raining outside. I can hear it. I don’t have the pictures to show you, I’m assuming you know what rain looks like. But trust me, this rain is different, it’s so much more beautiful (for the memories it invokes in me).

The making of the homebody

There was a time when the kids’ hectic school life revolved around weekdays and we looked forward to weekends when we would crawl the malls endlessly in search of good food and good finds. These days, we’re prone to staying home on the weekends except for the occasional trip out to shop for necessities like groceries.

The malls seem to have lost their luster. Somehow the crowds seem different – more rude, more impatient, prices and traffic crazier than before, and language seems to be becoming more of a problem. I seem to be repeating myself more, grading my language more, and having to switch to languages other than English in order to be understood.

Then too, the malls used to be a welcoming refuge from the heat outside. Now it’s more like from the frying pan into the fire. The air-conditioning in the malls is barely there and strange as it may sound, I’m thankful for the flyers they give out (I used to loath them) that I now use to fan myself with. Looks like progress is all around.

This weekend, we’re staying home – again! There’s nowhere to go and nothing to eat, chorus the homebodies.


Music room

Way back when, the piano and the organ were what most kids learned to play. Now I hear parents saying that their kids are learning to play the drums, and in the case of my old school friend’s son, the saxophone. I bumped into her at the local mall while she was out looking for bg swabs and we spent a few minutes catching up. Her son’s teacher comes to the house to give him private music lessons I was just beginning to wonder how she could stand the sound of his saxophone practice in her home when she told me of her soundproof music room. Now I’m wondering what kind of mansion she lives in 😳 .

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