Giddy up and back to the grind

Giddy up and back to the grind

Three days into the new year and I’m still expecting it to be Christmas next week. I wish! Either the holidays went all too quick or my internal clock is running slow. Gah! The reality is that it’s back to work for me today. Raine has a few more days to enjoy what’s left of the holidays and then it’s back to de ole grindstone… for all of us!

I’m so not looking forward to the insane traffic, the late lunch times and the long school hours my girls will have to endure. I’m planning to bake healthy snacks for the girls to take to school. It’s a bit more work but it will be more substantial than the recess food they usually bring. I just hope I can keep up with the baking.

New Year resolutions, I have none. I haven’t made one in a long, long time and I’m not about to start now. Making them is one thing, making them happen is a whole different animal altogether. I’m busy enough as it is so I can really do without a list of guilt hanging over my head.

Instead I’m going for some teeny-weeny feel-good goals. Can’t think of any right now. But nothing too ambitious. Nothing so critical that if I fall behind (which I’m sure I will) I can’t easily pick up again. Something I can humanly do in small steps that will give me some sense of achievement rather than lofty goals that leave me feeling like I’m never doing enough.

Over the holidays, our workouts have suffered. Since I’m not someone who’s motivated to exercise so I can pig out, I just went ahead and pigged out 😀 . But I do miss the endorphin and energy rush so I’m really looking forward to going back to a structured gym routine again with Raine.

new CPR saves lives, learn it here

I’m completely amazed at the recent news stories about people who have suffered cardiac arrest, died and then were brought back to life. There apparently are an increasing number of cases like these and it’s just fantastic news, thanks to a new CPR!

I’ve posted the news stories and video here of how to perform this new CPR and you can learn it in like 2 minutes. I hope you will take time out to watch the video. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I’ve made my kids view this and I hope you will get your family to watch it too. In fact, I’ve posted it on my navigation bar as well so you can access it any time.

I mean, with something like this, you just never know when it could come in handy, and you could end up saving the life of a loved one. It’s definitely an invaluable 2 minutes you could spend to learn this new CPR.

those things I do

I don’t know why some people look at me funny when they see me wearing one earring. Well, it so happens I only have ONE side of that gold stud earring which is why I only wear one side.

I wear one blue glove and one pink glove when driving so I won’t get my arms toasted. Why is that so strange to some people?

I think mismatches are cool, or hot, or whatever. Why is it odd that I don’t limit myself to the obvious?

what’s the one thing…

what's the one thing...

… you never leave home without?

For me, it’s the hand sanitizer. Gotta have it, have it!

wordless wish

wordless wish

paperwork cartoon

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