Saturday Snippets #3

Saturday Snippets #3

1. Came home from sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours and discovered our laundry’s all done. Elves are real, y’all! 😉

2. Good thing my girls said to forget John Carter. Just read the news report that “Disney says ‘John Carter’ to lose $200 million”.

3. It totally shocks and disgusts me that people are still eating sharks fin soup! Hel-llo?? Wanna know what they do to those sharks? They fish them up, slice off their fins and throw them back into the water to die slowly! You (know who you are) might also like to know that sharks are living, breathing things that feel pain!

4. The girls are both working on their public speaking assignments. Wearing these thinking caps all week has been a strain. Well, at least we have the topics down pat. The rest should be a piece of cake. Still I’m starting to think maybe we all need a break. Thinking Cali :wink:.

5. Been a week of deep, meaningful discussions with my girls about what’s making news these days. From religion to prejudices to common courtesies to what makes a person tick. Tingles up my spine!

6. Today’s National Unplugging Day. Can you do it?

  • Shut down your computer… sorry, no can do!
  • Turn off your cellphone… gladly, it’s always in the other room anyways.
  • Stop the constant emailing, texting, Tweeting and Facebooking to take time to notice the world around you… no problemo.
  • Connect with loved ones… yup, me and the girls are connected on wifi. 😉
  • Nurture your health… no sugar in my coffee.
  • Get outside… you kiddin’ me? it’s freakin’ 93 degrees out with a humidity of 930!
  • Find silence… listening to Ronan’s “When you say nothing at all”, does that count?
  • Avoid commerce… I would’ve if the utilities companies hadn’t robbed me of 196.30 today!
  • Give back… look who’s talking!
  • Eat together… we just had Chick in a Blanket (my version of Pig in a Blanket) – chicken wrapped in bacon. Roast carrots and potatoes. Iceberg lettuce with a touch of 1000 Island.

Have a fab weekend!

Saturday Snippets #2

Saturday Snippets #2

Saturday’s here again and it’s time for a 2nd snap at those weekly snippets. I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m a list lover. Once again, here’s my week of little things and thoughts that have been chugging along my mental tracks.

1. Finally kicked the sugar completely out of my morning coffee. Trick is to reduce a little at a time until it’s all gone.

2. Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, that chilly hot gown too. Wow!

Image from

3. Procrastinating on the weekly baking. Simply because afternoon naps are much more fun.

4. Happy that Tyson is recovering from his ear infection, thanks for my 2 budding vets who religiously cleaned his ear twice a day. Tyson, you’re a lucky guy to have 2 babes fuss all over you like that!

5. Still looking for that elusive iPhone 4S case of my dreams. I know, I know. It’s not like I’m picking out luxury stainless steel watches that I have to be so picky. Still!

6. And in celebration of St Patrick’s Day today, my nails have gone Irish. Well, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad, huh? 😉 Happy St Pat’s!

That obligatory what-I-had-for-lunch post

That obligatory what-I-had-for-lunch post

Okay, so here’s the post that has everyone on the edge of their seats. The “what I had for lunch” post. I know everyone’s dying to know what’s for lunch today… and I’m not going to disappoint you guys. Oh no! 😉

Bacon on Italian toast

Fiery tuna on Italian toast (Spicy advisory: Have a fire extinguisher nearby!)

And that’s it! Did you think there was more? Am I on a diet? Not this carb freak 😉 . I need my carbs. I love my carbs. And don’t let the size of the toast fool you either. Two little slices of my Italian toast = 4 slices of regular storebought air. Ya, I know, my pet peeve, that!

My new toaster oven did a good job, eh? Our old one went to toaster heaven more than a year ago and that’s exactly how long I’ve procrastinated. I’ve been spending most of my days sitting in traffic jams, that’s why!

It’s a really simple toaster oven with an on-off timer instead of the one with the temperature setting (since I already have that on my inverter oven). Quickest buying decision ever. Let’s toast to that!

Saturday Snippets #1

The days go by in a flash most weeks. So many things happen that can quickly be summarized into short snippets. They’re just little things or fleeting thoughts running through my head. I’ve done these lists before and I like how easy they are to put together into a short post. So I’m considering making a series out of them.

1. Rushing around like a wild woman this week. Seems like I accomplish more under pressure. Anyone else?

2. So why am I standing there holding the elevator open as 4 strapping college men file in past me, one by one? And not one has the courtesy to say thank you!

3. Ramped up my workouts this week. Time to get out of my comfort zone. Now I’m sore in muscles I didn’t know I have. No pain, no gain, right?

4. Good to know that there’s one mom out there who is standing her ground and going, who cares what the herd is doing or saying, I’ll do what’s best for MY kid.

5. 41-year-old teacher quits his job, leaves his wife and 3 kids, and moves in with his 18-year-old student who is a friend of his eldest daughter’s aged 17. Following their hearts, oh gimme a break! She just needs a father figure and he’s going through a midlife crisis. My 2-second psychoanalysis 2 cents. Mom (hers) is going after Teacher. Good for Mom!

Eating healthier, and we try

Eating healthier, and we try

We’ve been trying to eat healthier. Little by little. Whenever we can manage it. I won’t pretend it’s easy because a busy lifestyle like ours isn’t exactly cut out for that. With the convenience of eating out comes high sodium, high sugar, high fat and not so ideal methods of food preparation. But we’re trying and we’ve been pretty good with it so far.

We had Japanese (again!) last weekend and I ordered this scrumptious salmon doused in lemon juice and smothered with wasabi. Just ignore me, I’m raving about wasabi again 😆 .

Our home bakery comes alive every weekend. Me and the girls are in there with sleeves rolled up, hair tied back and elbow-deep in bread dough, kneading and rolling. No bread maker. It’s back to basics, the old-fashioned way. If our high metabolic rates won’t allow us to go without carbs, we’ll just have to pile on the wheat, nuts and fruit.

We are recent converts to oatmeal. We (yes, me included) have always balked at the word. But since we chomped down like 100 granola bars in the space of our 1-month winter vacation in Cali last year, I figured that was a darned good start right there. Now I make my own granola bars, so I can control the sugar.

My two salad haters are now salad lovers. So more greens it is. If time permits, I even make my own dressing.

There’s a ton of new (to us) foods that we’ve recently added to our list, like pumpkins and pomegranates. Are you trying to eat healthier? What changes are you making to your diet? What new foods are you trying?

Oops, I did it again!

I’ve done it again. Made another boo-boo. I dropped Raine off at her early morning class and took the wrong way home. Don’t ask me how I can get lost on a route that I’m on every single day of the week. Don’t even ask 😳 !

But yeah, it happens. I’m not sure if it’s ever happened to you, but if it has, I’d love to hear about it. It would make me feel a whole lot better 😆 .

Point is, if I didn’t do silly things like this, where would I even find the occasion to laugh at myself, right? Laughing at other people when bad things happen to them is unacceptable. But laughing at yourself, now that’s different and it’s good for your psyche even.

But I digress. Back to how I turned up a blind ramp onto the highway and there was this oil truck doing some stunts and everyone was swerving to avoid it. With all this confusion going on, I somehow ended up on the wrong lane.

Fine, I was a little distracted and it was only when I made the turn that I noticed the scenery wasn’t quite familiar. Apparently I wasn’t alone though. Seems like the car in front of me made the same boo-boo! What a laugh!

Where’ve I been?

Where've I been?

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been, um, under the hood, so to speak. A couple of my blogs broke while I was moving them around so I had to dive in. A return to my geeky past. I manage everything myself so when something, anything breaks, I’m the one to fix it.

If time had permitted, I would’ve used the opportunity to get my girls to get their hands dirty. A little grease geek never hurt, especially if you’re a girl. Well, maybe next time. It’s been a while since I’ve had to get geeky myself. I’ve missed rolling up my sleeves and getting elbow-deep in code, DNS and IPs. It’s hard to describe but how about this?

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