Saturday night live

So one fine Saturday evening, a couple of my nosy neighbors decided to go check out the construction of a new home nearby. New homes are always an object of great interest around these parts.

These two elderly ladies were obviously so mesmerized by the design of the grant door hardware that they didn’t look where they were going and promptly landed in the ditch!

They escaped with light scratches and swore to leave construction sites alone in favor of staying home to watch Saturday night TV instead.

True story!

With or without?

If you see me at the gym, you can recognize me by the fact that I do not have a pair of earbuds dangling from my ears. Well, I tried it once or twice – working out to the private sounds of a princeton reverb and such dancing on my eardrums.

Music is a great motivator, I agree, especially when you’re bending over backwards to work in an hour of exercise. But those wires dangling from my ears quickly started getting in the way of my movements. I was getting myself into knots. I don’t know how everyone else does it but I’ve had to do without them since. I miss my workout music!

Trip to the jeweler’s

I recently took my watch into a jeweler’s store to have my old watch strap changed out for me. The nice people at the jeweler’s agreed to do it for me free of charge.

While waiting, I walked around the store and started browsing all that glitters and was surprised to see that they have Joy Jewelers police jewelry on sale. When I think of jewelry, I tend to think of them as the regular gemstones and accessories for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

I have to admit I had no idea there are specially designed themed rings and jewelry for folks who work in the service like the police and fire department. The designs are very meaningful gifts and would make wonderful gifts.

Although I only spent a few minutes in the store, it was fun peering at all those precious gems and fancy jewelry. Will someone please surprise me this Christmas with a gem-studded tiara that I can wear while cooking and doing the dishes?

The spice of life

The spice of life

When we visit our regular Chinese dimsum restaurant, our server never fails to bring us a plate of freshly-cut Jalapeno chilies. We usually order noodles along with the dimsum. We dip our dimsum into Sriracha and eat our noodles with the chilies.

The spice of life

Lately the owner/head chef has been giving us lots of little “specials” – freshly-cut birds’ eye chilies from his own backyard, enough for us to take some home (see the little tub on the right). Apparently he grows a lot of his own veggies for use in his restaurant. He even promised to add a pot of his chilies to the little garden in his restaurant so we can come in and harvest them any time.

The spice of life

It’s no secret that I’m a spicy food lover. Real spicy, that is. Like many, I grew up eating spicy food and somewhere along the line, I must’ve inadvertently trained my brood to be the spicy food lovers too. They’ve come a long way since their younger days of having fire extinguishers on standby whenever they attempted spicy food.

You may have noticed small plates of fresh cut chilies peeking out in many of the food pictures I’ve posted. Chilies are pretty much a staple at all our meals. I don’t play favorites with my chili choices but I like ’em with a real kick. There’s a saying in our family: “If a chili ain’t spicy, it ain’t a chili, it’s a vegetable!”

The spice of life

Being an international person, I love my wasabi, gojuchang, tomyam and curries but I also love my chili-free days of pastas, pies, potatoes and tostadas.

Food sample love

Food sample love

The highlight of our highly anticipated weekends is grocery shopping, and the highlight of that is undeniably the food samples. They say never shop on an empty stomach. But that’s exactly what we always do. Never fear though, we have an abundance of food samples to tide us over till our weekend lunch out.

I don’t always have a chance to snap pictures because those tasty morsels seem to go into my mouth faster than I can get my cellphone out. Here’s some of what we’ve sampled including Ritz cookies with a choice of salmon and artichoke dip (we bought the artichoke dip), Starbucks coffee (the homemade version), cheese and ham crackers, caramel popcorn (not just one popcorn but a whole paper cupful!) and yes, life-size Lindt chocolate candy!

food sample love

And this meatball which we’ve sampled many times. I don’t know what makes it so good but it’s, never mind, *drools*! I’ve been tempted to buy a bag more than once but not before I figure out how we plan to eat 150 meatballs (that’s how many are in a bag!).

food sample love

My first ever taste of Nutella! I see it on grocery shelves and I know many people swear by it. Well, I personally have never tried it but now that I have, I’ll have to say it makes this waffle come alive. Would I buy it? Maybe but I can’t see myself eating more than this mouthful either.

food sample love

I typically turn down food samples especially when the promoter is standing there with a pair of thongs and a tray of exposed chopped-up bits of what looks like last week’s party leftovers, waiting to plop one tiny piece on the palm of your hand as you walk by. Yuck, no thanks!

But here I’m looking forward to them every weekend. They’re life-size samples you can actually chew and taste. The gloved promoter prepares small batches of 5 to 10 samples and places them on paper cups on a tray. That way, you know they’re freshly prepared and no one has sneezed or coughed on them, for instance (eww!). The golden rule is that once you reach out and grab a cup, you can’t put it back, you have to take it. Makes sense, right?

The weekend’s coming up and you know what that means *wink*.

I’m coming for ya, tasty morsels!!!

The music class that wasn’t

Once upon a summer, I took at music class in college. It wasn’t the kind of music class where you learn to play an instrument like a ukulele musicians friend. Surely that would take a lot longer than a summer to accomplish.

This class was about the history of music and we spent most of our class time watching music documentaries. It wasn’t as boring as you’d imagine. At least the air-conditioning in the classroom offered cool relief from the blistering heat outside.

Curry and flatbread

Curry and flatbread

Every so often, you meet someone and you get to talking and inadvertently the topic heads in the direction of food. Isn’t that what usually happens? So much revolves around food these days that it’s hard to avoid exchanging notes about what’s good where.

While I’m not one to jump at food recommendations, no matter how good they may sound, there are times when we’re at loose ends and feeling a little plucky. That was the weekend we found ourselves at an Indian restaurant recommended by said someone.

Chicken curry was an obvious choice for us. The portion was somewhat smaller than expected. Still this was a curry bursting with all the traditional herbs and spices that make Indian curry so special. And the long-grained rice with distinct grains was very good.

We loved it. Our only mistake was forgetting to tell them we wanted our curry to be killer spicy. To our seasoned palettes, this curry was heat level zero although we did spy another diner drowning himself in water from eating this same dish.


We ordered the highly recommended flatbread. It was crispy and tasted like flatbread but it didn’t jump out at us. The yogurt looked intimidating to me somehow, maybe because it’s second nature for me to dunk any sort of flatbread into curry. So dipping it in yogurt was a bit scary at first. It wasn’t bad but I still prefer the curry combination.


And that was it. We left the place still hungry, of course. This always happens when we’re trying out a new restaurant. We like to play it safe in case the food doesn’t measure up to our expectations. After this meal, we went grocery shopping where there was ample opportunity to fill our tummies with food samples (more about this coming to a post near you).

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