Last days of summer and this week’s grocery cart

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Here in Hipville, it’s the little things that are highly anticipated and become a big talking point. Like the season change, for instance. Last Thursday was the first day of fall and to make her point, Mother Nature dropped the temps to 75C from 99C the previous day. I guess she was just pranking us ‘cos the temps have since shot back up.

While I don’t like the blazing heat, I’m a little sad that the days are getting shorter. I feel like I can get so much more done when the days are longer. In summer, when I get up in the morning just before 6, the sun is already up and it’s bright outside. Somehow that makes me happy. And even after dinner, there’s still over an hour of sunlight left, and that too makes me feel like hey, I still have time to do the laundry or hang out at my computer. Anyhoo…

Foodwise, this week’s highlight was the big ol’ pot of seafood tomyam I cooked for dinner Friday night. Of late, our meals have been fairly lackluster. It’s basically too hot to cook or eat (although we did make a big batch of Korean roast chicken wings that lasted us 2 meals). I figured this appetizing one-pot meal would be perfect.

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Admittedly, I cheated by using a tomyam mix, not that I’d be so inclined to concoct this from scratch, and frozen shrimp that came all cleaned and deveined. So basically all I did was cut up the carrots, red bell pepper, onion and eggplant, throw in the mix and finish off by adding 4 tilapia fillets and 12 shrimps. We ate half and froze the rest for next week.

Grocery day is a highly anticipated weekly event around here. To me, the best thing is not having to rush out of the house to beat the traffic and be at the mall promptly at 10:00 am to snag a parking spot.

This week, we didn’t buy much. Strawberries are still the same price as last week. Gotta grab a box.

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

We grabbed two bags of bagels, cinnamon and onion which we’ve never tried before but it’s really tasty. To add some music to our pasta, we got a bottle of sun-dried tomatoes. I hope they’ll make our pasta get up and dance. We also got some party wings, and omg, that pop-in-the-oven tempura that’s so crispy and delicious it beats even the eat-out version.

And yup, you see ’em, don’t you? Those two humongous bags of… junk food!! Ouch, you caught us red-handed!!! Imagine how many times we have to run around Planet Earth to rid ourselves of the guilt and calories yo!

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Nah, don’t be silly, there’s no guilt in eating something you love once in a while. And that nonsense about exercising extra hard the next day to take off the guilt and calories you piled on today, surely you don’t believe that. We-ell, it’d be nice if we could put everything on our fat suit today, peel it off and be miraculously slim again tomorrow lol – but that’s not how it works. So stay calm while we eat ’em amazing potato chips!!!

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

We ate one whole bag of these chips last week and they were crazy tasty! We notice Costco sells these ‘limited edition goodies’ for a short while and then they’re gone. We would be sad, very sad if we never saw these again. So those two bags we just bought, we’ll be squirreling them away into deep winter storage and we won’t be touching them till we run out of almonds and walnuts. Promise! *chuckles*

Very Strawberry Week

Very Strawberry Week

Who cares if Brangelina is breaking up? We’re having a Very Strawberry Week here! We saw strawberries at irresistible prices last weekend so we hogged two 2lb boxes of these babies at $2.99 per box. Ya, I had nothing better to do got curious and decided to count how many strawberries there are. There’s around 48 in each box Wooo!

Very Strawberry Week

So what does one do with like 100 strawberries? First off, we started chomping them. That’s obvious! But it was too much to eat since we have a lot of other fruits on the agenda.

These strawberries were sweet and firm but after a couple of days, I noticed a few, mostly the ones at the bottom, were getting a bit soft. Those are the sweetest ones, don’t throw them away! You can juice them like I did.

Very Strawberry Week

Then Hip2bDaughter1 had a brainwave and suggested baking a couple of batches of strawberry crumble muffins. Yeah, why not? After all, we have enough flour in the house to start a mini bakery. They were on sale for $1 per 2lb bag so yes sir, yes sir, Baa Baa Black Sheep hogged 3 bagfuls.

Very Strawberry Week

I won’t lie. I like seeing seasonal price changes where prices actually do come down every so often, so you won’t feel like your wallet got ripped and now there’s a huge hole in it. I mean, who doesn’t love a bargain? Well, I can’t speak for everyone but from the perspective of a mom with kids, I’m in for sure!

Pastry shop crooner

We stepped out of the car to the sounds of an Italian song blasting across the strip mall. At first, we thought it was a recording coming from a music store. Imagine our surprise when we saw a real person singing ‘live’ with his yamaha nippon gakki in front of a pastry shop, of all places.

Outside the shop were tables and chairs packed with an eager evening crowd enjoying their Sunday pastries to the man’s soulful crooning. His voice was so clear and beautiful why hasn’t a recording company scouted him yet?

A very fruitful week

A very fruitful week

You’re no doubt wondering how far along we are with all those fruits we mindlessly bought last weekend. How much have we eaten? Are we almost done? Or is there still a big heap sitting there waiting to turn nasty? Well, it’s Saturday afternoon, exactly a week to the day we carted home more fruits than I thought we could possibly consume in this space of time. Let’s see…

The world’s best of the best grapes are all gone. You knew that. There’s no way we could’ve resisted chomping on them non-stop. In fact, someone was suggesting another trip back to that farm market this weekend!!!

We’re done with the other half of the first watermelon which means it effectively took the three of us 3 days to nibble through a whole watermelon. Hmm, not bad at all. The second one seems comfortable sitting in the fridge so I think I’ll let it sit there for a bit longer, partly to test how long it can actually last.

As for the blueberries, well, what can I say? The Oregon blueberries are enjoying an extended winter stay in the freezer. As for those from Canada, we’re halfway through. Yeah, slow-going, I know! *sigh* Why are they so freakin’ sour? *shudders*. Every morning, I dump a whole truckload into my overnight oats. See, there’s more blueberries than oats but there’s still so much left. Tsk!

A very fruitful week

How else can I finish them up quick? Brainwave! Blueberry pancakes!!! We made the batter and threw in a few blueberries hoping they’ll stain the batter blue. Wouldn’t that be an Instagram moment cool? Taking a quick peek at my babies at 5:00 in the morning here. Houston, do we have blue batter? Not a chance. Oh well! Sour and stubborn, that’s what!

A very fruitful week

The mushy black plums are long gone, slurped up in a flash in all its gooey sweetness. So good! And those bananas that were sitting tight on my counter top this whole week and which I thought were never gonna ripen are all gone now. .

We did good *burp*. Loved it. We devoured all the fruits we bought last weekend except for one whole watermelon and one box of blueberries.

That guitar

We passed by the music school where my kids used to go for guitar classes. I remember the teacher recommending the guitar we should buy. Those were crazy days of endless bus runs. To save myself the time and trouble of shopping around, I ended up buying a guitar from their in-house store which, as I found out later, was priced higher than at other stores. Back then, if I’d known, I’d have taken advantage of the stupid deal of the day at

Lines and people who annoy me

Lines and people who annoy me

바빴어요! (Been busy). So many errands, so little time. Granted I do procrastinate for as long as I can because well, who likes errands? I don’t. That’s why I want to get through them quickly so they won’t be hanging over my head like bananas in a fruit shop. The errands themselves 몬제 아니야 (aren’t the problem). It’s those darned lines and the characters I meet.

(1) The Pretenders

Over the weekend, a couple tried to edge themselves into our line while pretending to be so deep in conversation they didn’t notice there was a line? Nice try but “please get back in line”, we told them and they slunked quietly away.

In another daring episode, a woman pretending like she was all engrossed in talking on her cellphone planted herself in front of us. We were busy sorting through our shopping basket so I was like, okay, never mind.

But when time came for this woman to pay, she took her own sweet time digging out coin after coin to which Hip2bDaughter turned around and said to us, loudly enough to be heard, “Some people cut in line and don’t even have their change ready”.

And you know what. As the cashier was bagging her stuff, she turned around and started to chime into our conversation with her unsolicited advice as if she were our old friend. Seriously! The cheek of some people! As if chatting us up would somehow redeem her from her rudeness. Nope, not working!

(2) The Make-No-Boners

In another the grocery line episode, a woman cradling a few items casually walked up and stood in front of me. I eyed her for a while thinking, okay, maybe she’s with the group in front of me. It soon became clear she wasn’t. I gave her a minute and I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. “The line is back there. Please get in line!” I wasn’t being nasty, just matter of fact.

Reluctantly she scooped up her items and wandered away… and even as I watched, she cut straight into someone else in the next line. She’s a diehard, that one lol! People like her don’t need an excuse. They just assume it’s their inalienable right. The best part is the person she cut off didn’t object and let her through. Great way to embolden chronic line cutters like her!

Now here’s the joke. The man at the top of my checkout line heard me and shook his head casting me a look of disapproval. I notice many people don’t honk when someone cuts them off in traffic and the next thing, I see them doing it themselves. I can only conclude that this guy’s probably a line cutter himself since he sympathized with her (even when it was none of his business).

(3) That-Cashier’s-My-Friend-ers

One day, I was standing in the bank with my number slip in hand. There were several people ahead of me. Only two counters were open, my car was double-parked outside, and the wait was longer than I cared for. Guess what?

A couple walked in and went straight up to one of the counters right after the last person left and before the next number came up. Instantly there was a friendly exchange and the cashier went ahead with their transaction. I guess if your friend works there, that makes it okay to act like you own the place and ignore everyone else.

Lines and people who annoy me

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Seriously, line cutters are such a pain. Everyone’s busy. Everyone’s in a hurry. You’re not the only one. I want to get my stuff done fast so I can get the heck home, out of the traffic, out of the sun. Just as you do, So yeah! Have some respect for other people’s time, and get the heck in line.

I’m a reasonable person. If you come up to me with a good reason why you should be ahead of me when clearly I got there first, I’m all ears. If you have a genuine emergency or truly deserve it, I’d be more than happy to give you my spot. Otherwise please stop wasting my time AND the time of everyone else behind me who’ve been waiting endlessly. They too are busy. They too are in a hurry. Tsk!

Peace out!

Slowly but surely

There’s a mall which features live music to draw the weekend crowds. Years ago, when this concept first started, the band playing their korg nanokontrol barely had an audience. Lately, I’ve noticed the mall even provides benches around the makeshift platform for the benefit of the retired folks who come in flocks to listen. It’s not the kind of music everyone appreciates so I always quicken my step and go about my errands. Peace out!

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