Having the whole place to yourself

Having the whole place to yourself


Not too long after this pasta escapade of mine, I wanted to go back for a second round. But as luck would have it, it was no longer on their promo menu, oh well! Right so if you know me, you know I’m not exactly the kind of person who would go hunting for food. Hunting was the specialty of our beloved cavemen ancestors so that’s best left to them in the history books.

Meanwhile, weeks later, I chanced upon another pasta. Spicy (yes, I love spicy) Creamy (yes, make it creamy) Salmon (now we’re talkin’!) Fettucine (for sure!) – hmm, definitely my kind of pasta. Next thing you know, I’m the first one in the house before the lunchtime crush. But of course! Early lunches are so me. I ask the friendly staff if I’m too early for lunch. The sign outside the door says I am 😉 but she’s kind enough to wave it away with a toothy grin. Now that’s service!

Then this arrives. Piping hot! Being that this is their first order for the day, it probably got all of the chef’s love and attention.

Having the whole place to yourself

And man, I didn’t realize pasta could be so good eaten straight off the stove. When I’m cooking, I don’t often get to sit down and eat right away. That’s why methinks everyone should have their own personal chef, what say you? 😉

One look at the ample amount of creamy sauce and my fork is raring to go, go, go. The spiciness is barely noticeable, just enough to maintain the fact that pasta is Italian, not Szechuan or Korean. Sure, I wish the salmon slices could’ve been thicker, much thicker but I like the way it’s pan-fried to a light crisp.

Having the whole place to yourself

And in case you didn’t notice, this isn’t fettucine lol. It’s spaghetti but I didn’t care! It’s so good I just kept scarfing it down. That’s the thing about having the whole restaurant to yourself. You can stuff yourself silly like a pig, snort, grunt, let the spaghetti slap on your face, splash sauce all over your shirt, who cares?!!! Right? 😛

Halfway through my meal, 2 other lone diners walk in but the peace and quiet remain unbroken because none of us has anyone to talk to. Which is nice! And this, frankly, is what I call a great lunch – peace and quiet, good food, and the freedom to enjoy it slowly till the last drop.

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