Eating roast meat on the beach?

Eating roast meat on the beach?


Imagine me sitting under the shade of a colorful umbrella on a beach in Honolulu tanning my toes and enjoying a plate of Hong Kong roast meat rice and a cup of milk tea. Well, yeah, that probably sounds about as wild as me attempting a carb-free day or eating salad with chopsticks, I guess. But then again, with me, you just never know!

Nah, that was just me having lunch at a restaurant whose name happens to contain the word Honolulu. When they first opened, their name caught my attention and had me a little confused. But after flipping through their menu and finding out that it’s Hong Kong-style food they serve, I’m like, okay, great, this diehard Cantonese person is in!

With roast meat rice combos popping up all over their menu, what else did you expect me to order? That’s right, I went straight for the siu ngap-siu yoke (roast duck-crispy skin roasted pork) rice combo which, by the way, came with a full-blown bowl of soup with chunks of carrot and winter melon inside. Score! That soup, mind you, was both tasty and robust without being overly salty, unlike the salted water some places try to pass off as soup, just sayin’ 😉 .

Eating roast meat on the beach?

The rice was really nice with grains you can clearly see but the sauce was even better. It’s not that diluted soy sauce that’s often mindlessly splashed on roast meat rice. This was the real thing carefully spooned into the center giving it a chance to soak in and flavor the rice with its light saltiness, fragrance and color. A really nice touch! I only wish they had drizzled some of that amazing sauce onto the meat too to moisten it.

The roast pork could’ve used a little more flavor and less sodium but since it was the one salty thing in the whole meal, I’m not going to complain. The roast duck was meaty, soft and succulent. Tastewise, it was reminiscent of the siu ngor (roast goose) I ate almost daily on one of my visits to Hong Kong, sans the greasiness. Ah, memories of wandering around Hong Kong alone, map in hand, hopping on and off the Star ferry and MTR, exploring malls, market places and restaurants, hmm, those were the days before mommyhood became my life lol!

Eating roast meat on the beach?

Their Hong Kong-style milk tea, when it arrived, smelled heavenly. Still if I’d known beforehand how good their accompanying soup would be, I would’ve saved that milk tea order for my next visit. This order was a bit much for me in one sitting. Nevertheless it was one of the better lunches I’ve had in a while. At the very least, I didn’t have to row a boat to Honolulu or Hong Kong… though I probably would’ve, ya know, just for the exercise 😉 .


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for this meal out of my own pocket, and all opinions expressed in this post are mine, and copyright of all content and images are mine. I apologize for sounding possessive but we have to be clear about these things.

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