Chasing dimsum


The weekend took us on a long drive to a suburb far away. It’s not something I’m too crazy about, chasing food to the ends of the earth but sadly, we can’t find anything better in the ‘hood. Well, okay, there is a chain nearby but I mean, room temperature dimsum – seriously?!

Our ancestors would be horrified! The taste too is, well, not quite up to our standard at all, I’m afraid, though you prolly couldn’t tell from the long lines outside every weekend. Then again, that’s why we’re the picky eaters while others are, well, not!

For these very reasons, we’ve had to get our butts out the house early Sunday morning and venture into unfamiliar territory. That’s not to say the lines ain’t long there but at least they’re justified. You know you’re getting steaming hot dimsum and your tastebuds are gonna go giddy in anticipation. That’s what we’re paying for.

At this point, I have to confess we’re not real adventure seekers when it comes to dimsum. Better stick with what we know and love; in other words, go with the standard fare and go easy on the fancy variations they introduce every so often.

Chasing dimsum

This time, I happened to be standing in line just outside a side door where the servers were bringing out tray after tray of dimsum from the kitchen. Hungry and impatient, I eyed every tray with interest. There are many varieties I know I wouldn’t eat but then my eyes fell on something very interesting, something I’m sure I would like.

Chasing dimsum

Can you guess which one it was? No, not the sesame balls (top) or the stir-fried radish cake (right) though they were both good. It was the deep-fried spring rolls that attracted my attention.

Chasing dimsum

I suppose I should call them egg rolls because that’s literally what they are – 3 types of eggs (hard-boiled, century and salted egg yolk) occupying 3 of the 4 quadrants. The idea itself is genius but eating it without breaking the roll apart was quite a challenge for me.

It’s too big of a fit for one mouthful and I had to bite into it which meant not getting the taste of the combined flavors and textures all at once. Which I think is a shame. But still, just because I chose not to embarrass myself by cramming the whole roll into my mouth doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy eating this hohoho. This was so delicious!

Hashtag adding this to my dimsum favorites.

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