Of dancers and right angles 1


Remember how surprised I was to discover I had bird’s eye chilies growing in my garden and what a shame it was that they were green, not red? Well, imagine my surprise (again!) when I noticed this. Yes, they turned red. Now take a closer look! Do you see what I see?

Of dancers and right angles

Well, I see a pair of chilies dancing… the waltz, it looks like. What’s even more interesting is if you look just a little to the back there, there seems to be another chili that looks like it’s bending itself into a right angle? Hmmm!

Here’s another shot from a different angle. That right angle is so distinct and prominent I honestly don’t know what to make of it.

Of dancers and right angles

The only logical explanation I can think of right now straight out of my Biology textbook in high school is that they’re bending in the direction of the sun. Which is what plants are known to do in an attempt to get more sun. What’s strange though is that this is an open area where there’s no shade to block the sun. So I’m not really sure.

My other question is, of course, why this almost perfect right angle posture seems to be apparent only in just this one chili plant and not the rest. Could this be due to an abnormal DNA? And I don’t mean this in a negative way because I think this right angled chili is both unique and pretty. Any experts out there who might have the answer to this?

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  1. mommy is green Dec 3,2018 10:41 am

    Yeah, it’s very funny, I don’t know the reason. It’s a unique chili. Thanks for sharing!

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