Finally, roast pork with dry wantan noodles


I’ve been hankering after that siu yoke (crispy skin roasted pork) ever since our dinner at that obscure restaurant in the swanky part of town whose siu yoke was all sold out for the day. Now one thing’s for sure. Nothing and no one stands in the way of me and my siu yoke, okay? Got it? 알았어요? Hence as soon as I arrived at our weekend haunt, I ordered this.

Finally, roast pork with dry wantan noodles

Ah yes, wantan noodles with siu yoke! Finally!

The “uncle” (commonly used to refer to older men) who runs this joint always makes sure my siu yoke is extra lean lol. The older folks especially swear that siu yoke is not the same without that layer of fat. But I jokingly remind him anyways, and he says “but of course, if I give you the fat, you’ll just cut it out and leave it behind, what’s the point in that?” Can’t argue with that. The man makes perfect sense.

Since the early days when he started noticing us there almost every weekend, he would come to our table whenever he could get away from the kitchen and personally take our orders. He is so customer-friendly and attentive I’m pretty sure he belongs in a world with a different number lol.

Look at how many pieces of siu yoke he gave me and how lean it is. Apparently his son roasts all the meat at the shop itself. That’s some mean crispy skin, I tell ya.

Finally, roast pork with dry wantan noodles

Everything here is perfection including the wantan (little meat dumplings) except I keep forgetting to get him to “chop up those tree trunks”.

Finally, roast pork with dry wantan noodles

So if you’re planning to try wantan noodles (and I hope you do), here are some quick tips for you. Wantan noodles are thin egg noodles traditionally served with char siu (barbecue pork). These days, you have the option of ordering it with the roast meat of your choice – either char siu, siu yoke or roast duck, or combinations thereof.

You can have the wantan noodles with soup or dry (mixed in flavored soy sauce). The dry version comes with the wantans in a separate bowl of the same soup the noodles come in if you order the soup version. Hope this makes sense ;).

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