Meeting Briyani for the second time


Twas a Sunday morning after a quick errand that we went in search of an early lunch. At 9:30 in the morning! What are you talking about? you ask, shouldn’t that be breakfast? Well, we’re known to do crazy stuff like this *shrugs*. Our 7.00am breakfast had long been digested by then and since we were out early, why not have lunch?

Long story short, we drove to 2 different eateries (an Indian and a Chinese eatery) but couldn’t find a parking spot at either of them. Well, such is life in the city where parking has become a headache even on a hazy, lazy Sunday morning! Bah humbug!

Finally, we went to a third one – another of our favorite Indian eateries. Soon as I turned the corner, we all held our collective breaths. Nyet, it didn’t look like there was any parking spot left but! wait a minute, what have we here?!! Some guy was just driving off! YES!

After our needless 1.5-hour tour of 3 suburbs, we couldn’t wait to chow down. The place was jam-packed and we feared there was no way we’d find a table but! wait a minute, what have we here?!! Every table was occupied save one last empty table waiting for us! YES!

By now, I was all gungho and adventurous and ready to eat a horse.¬†Everyone else ordered the standard stuff. Me? I had to be different and went for something I’ve only eaten once before in my life, something I have very misty memories of. Hello again, Briyani!

Meeting Briyani for the second time

Tick tock tick tock. Briyani was the first to arrive along with Curry and Pickles and a long glass of iced coffee. Well, let me just say this, if anyone of us had been wearing socks (err, *looks at feet* sockless in sports shoes, oh well), that aroma would’ve knocked ’em socks right off!

Meeting Briyani for the second time

It’s a little deceiving because it looks like only rice and a few cashews and green chilies. But I’ll tell you now, don’t ever judge Briyani by her looks alone. Her beauty is skin deep ’cause hiding underneath that innocent saffron-colored basmati rice was a meaty chicken leg and a whole hard-boiled egg.

Meeting Briyani for the second time

The rice was very spicy even before the curry was added and the chicken was tasty on its own. That’s why I love Indian food. Those incredible spices and the intensity of those flavors just take over all your senses and leave your head spinning.

Being the generous person that I am, I let everyone have a taste (no way I could’ve finished that serving). Big mistake! Once they were done gobbling their boring standard stuff, they all started diving into my claypot for seconds. What the heck!! Shoo! Get off my briyani before I drill holes in your hands with my fork!! I’m serious. Go away!

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