Poke, if only it came with waterfalls


So we’re on our way down from Yosemite, the land of waterfalls. Maneuvering those twists and bends can really get you light-headed, I tell ya. Not to mention the blur of the redwoods, sequoias and cold wind rushing past the slightly rolled down car windows. You tilt back your head, take a deep breath and let the mountain air permeate through your entire being. Man, this is what I’m talking about!

And now to top off that light-headedness, it’s time for some poke (pronounced po-kay). Since we found out about a seafood restaurant tucked away behind the downtown fish market last year, we’d been quietly sneaking down there for the occasional dose of raw fish goodness. They don’t serve live seafood (which makes this place all the more attractive to me) but they sure do serve a mean bowl of poke that’s bursting with fresh raw fish and robust enough to feed two. Poke for the diehard, in other words.

Then somewhere in the middle of last year, Pokiland opened not far from us and we started going there for our fix. It’s popular with the health conscious, offering less of a focus on the fish and more on greens, toppings and sauces. You pick a bit of this and that to personalize your own poke bowl.

Poke, if only it came with waterfalls

Looking at this picture, I know you’re going, but where’s the fish? Well, you can’t see it but trust me, there’s 2 generous scoops of raw salmon and tuna hidden at the bottom of the bowl. Well, that’s how they put together your order, you start by selecting your proteins so the fish goes in first and ends up hidden underneath all of those gorgeous toppings and sauces.

Okay, then, let’s mix it all up and dig in!¬†Omg, you cannot believe how good and SPICY this tastes! One of their sauces, dabomb, is literally just that! One fiery spoonful and you totally wish you were standing underneath a waterfall with your mouth open. Oh man, where are those waterfalls when you need ’em!

Poke, if only it came with waterfalls

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