Shout-out to the God of Ribs!


A while back, I bought some amazing ready-to-eat pork ribs and loved them so much I went back for more. But! They were out. Bummer! Looks like I’ll have to make my own from scratch then. Not a problem, just got to get my hands dirty is all! If you want to eat something good and delicious, you got to get in there and do it yourself sometimes.

What I didn’t know was that apparently, the God of Ribs was smiling down on me. Before I even got around to buying those raw ribs, I noticed the ready-to-eat ribs were back on the shelf. Woah! I instantly set out to grab some but on the way there, I noticed trays of pre-marinated, ready-to-cook ribs at like half the price. Hey, why not, right?

Back to the shelf went the ready-to-eat ribs and into my cart went the pre-marinated tray. Gotta love a deal this good. If the God of Ribs sends me a rack of such reasonably priced ribs that only requires me to shove straight into the oven and walk away, I’m laughing all the way home!!

This rack costs around the same price as the ready-to-eat rack I bought a while back. When the pack was unwrapped, surprise, look at the size of this thing. It’s the length of a freakin’ freeway! Enough for like 3 or 4 meals lol. And I’m pattin’ the God of Ribs on the back and goin’: thanks, dude *muacks*!

Shout-out to the God of Ribs!

We had the cut off the top of the rack for dinner one night – the part that’s folded down in the above picture. No bones here, all meat and cartilage, not fall off the bone but still has a bite to it. So moist, so delicious. Just the way I like it *chuckle*.

Shout-out to the God of Ribs!

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