Hip to be #Shopping – Cute #holiday gift ideas for #coffee and #tea lovers

It’s not hard to settle on the perfect gift for all you coffee- and tea-drinking folks, and teapot collectors out there. Look what I found…

Care for a Cupcake? Tea Kettle

This cupcake tea kettle makes tea time all the sweeter. Having friends over? Or just enjoying a quiet cuppa while the kids are at school? No doubt, this enamel-coated stove-top teapot is a colorful addition to your afternoon break. And a delightful addition to your teapot collection too!

Deep Tea Diver Infuser

I have to admit I’m completely taken with this cute deep tea diver. Oops, was that deep sea or deep tea? Such a charmer to have in your teacup eh!

Time Machine for Teapot

When I first saw this, I thought, wow, this is a must-have in your teapot collection, so classic. Gaze at it while you savor your deliciously hot cup of tea and it’ll take you back in time.

Ink Black Coffee Mug

This cute octopus totally swept off my feet when I first saw it. I love uncommon stuff and this one definitely takes the cake. For sure, it adds a splash of daring excitement to your sleepy morning coffee.

Contents May be Hoot Stacking Mug Set

Any four-person tea party will be a hoot and a holler with this set of ceramic teacups. Even when they’re just sitting on the shelf doing absolutely nothing, they make an incredibly pretty picture.

There’s lots more ingenious retro and modern holiday gift ideas where these came from. I urge you to go check them out. They’re crazy cute. Oh don’t miss the new arrivals because you get to enjoy FREE US shipping on orders of $50+.

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