Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 101 7


Everyday Ruralty
1. Bacon or sausage? If vegetarian, what do you have for breakfast?

Both. I don’t eat them often and I’m more inclined to have them for lunch than breakfast. Speaking of which, I had bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and avomayo (my word for avocado in place of mayo) on toast for lunch today. Mmm.

2. Do you take time to “smell the roses”?

Nah, no time for that plus they make me sneeze 😉 .

3. What’s your favorite stone fruit? (Peaches,nectarines,plums, apricots, and cherries are i n the stone fruit family.)


4. What is the thing people notice most about your personality? (quiet-outgoing-polite-funny-etc.)

Quiet, intense, random, opinionated, funny bordering on cynical and snarky.

5. Is there a hobby that you have wanted to do, but haven’t started yet?

Designing fashion jewelry. I went through the Swarovski craze where I spent whole days engrossed in making necklaces, bracelets and earrings by hand. It was fun, addictive and I love wearing my own creations. At some point, I’d like to try working with other materials aside from beads and crystals.

I had fun with this week’s questions. Hope you all have a great week.

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7 thoughts on “Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 101

  1. Kimberly Jul 9,2013 12:24 pm

    😕 I loved making jewelry too. That’s something I’d love to do again. Great answers.

  2. Beth Jul 9,2013 12:49 pm

    what a great idea with using avocado instead of mayo … i need to try that. i know avocados are so much better for you health wise … love them any way … will try for sure.

    have a good week. ( :

  3. Becky Jul 9,2013 2:05 pm

    Making jewelry sounds fun. It’s something I’ve kind of wanted to dabble in, but my thing is knitting.

  4. Suzanne McClendon Jul 9,2013 8:05 pm

    I’ll have to try this way of using avocados. I love them and really just tolerate mayonnaise.

    I enjoy jewelry making, too. At this stage of the game, designing and planning goes easier for me than the actual creation of jewelry does.

    Have a great week!

  5. Leslie Jul 10,2013 2:27 am

    Love avocado on my bacon sandwiches

  6. patrice Jul 10,2013 3:54 pm

    Making jewelry would be fun. My daughter made some pretty things with glass beads years ago and I’m still enjoying them.

  7. Cathy Kennedy Jul 11,2013 5:41 am

    I have not tried avocado on a BLT sandwich before, but I do like guacamole. I haven’t made a BLT in like forever, but perhaps I will think to try an avocado the next time I do. 😀 Jewelry making is something I would like to try, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. It was nice to read through all of your answers. I left my response to these in Patrice’s comments. However, I do have a Tuesday post up called National Ice Cream Month. Feel free to stop by & read it! 😉

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