Olympic fever-ish


Weekends are supposed to be stress-free. Then again, not all weekends are created equal. Take last Saturday for example.

We woke up. I told the kids we were heading out for a quick lunch on the way to the grocery store to pick up pasta and a few other things. Can you believe I’ve run out of pasta? Never mind, there’s a first time for everything. Anyhow it was supposed to be a quick trip but that’s not how it turned out.

The grocery store is under renovation and has been for the past goodness knows how long. Sections of the store has been partitioned off with planks and tarps amidst tools, tool balancer and equipment. Parking is one big mess. After circling the parking lot like a hawk twice from the road level to the basement, it was obvious we’d never find a spot.

So I shot to the building across the street and was about to enter the basement parking when I noticed the long line of cars backed up trying to get in as well. Obviously a sign that I should reverse the heck out and head home. We’d wasted a whole hour. It was way past lunch time. Empty-handed and hungry, we drove home in silence.

The weekend is here again and it’s Olympic weekend, no less. We’re pretty fired up about it. As for me personally, I only watch TV once every 4 years and this is it! I absolutely do not watch any other sport, least of all wimpy sports like badminton and soccer 😆 . But this, this is the closest I will come to being a couch potato!

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