Weekly Schmooze #4 2


1. Either someone’s playing tricks with my eyelids or the weather is truly, madly, incredibly hot because in the afternoon, my eyelids just seem to go flooop.

2. Discovered a new Vietnamese restaurant and we’ve been there twice this past week. Vietnamese food reminds me of lazy college weekends in Cali. That’s where I first discovered beef ball noodle soup could taste so good.

3. Someone please remind me to avoid the mall on weekends. Weekends are rudeness magnified at the mall. Somehow one thing or another would make me head out there and then I end up kicking myself!

4. After a 2 weekend break from the kitchen, our bakery was back into action. We made 2 pound cakes for Hip2bDaughter2’s recess. Just for fun, I decided to funky this one up with some strawberry puree. Actually it’s not half bad, just a little more cracked than usual but still very moist.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Schmooze #4

  1. Katherine Apr 30,2012 11:05 pm

    LOL, you totally had me at “avoid the mall on the weekends” I know exactly what you mean!!! It’s always a circus of people who have no shopping etiquette whatsoever! Newet follower from the Monday hop, love your blog!

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