Hip to be Shopping – Father’s Day gift baskets

It’s not too late yet to be thinking about a Father’s Day gift for one of the favorite men in your life. Even if that man already has everything, it’s not a problem. A gift basket always works!

For the Dad who loves a great gourmet barbecue meal…

Father's Day Beer-B-Q BucketFather's Day Beer-B-Q Bucket
Father’s Day Beer-B-Q BucketFather's Day Beer-B-Q Bucket

Beer-B-Q Buckets are the perfect Father’s Day gifts for Dad this year!

This reusable stainless steel bucket is stocked with everything Dad needs to put on a gourmet barbeque meal. The gift basket includes gourmet beef & burger rub, chicken & poultry rub, and pork & BBQ rub along with three delicious summer beers including Corona, Sam Adams Seasonal, and Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat.

So, if you want to send a Father’s Day Gift that your beloved Dad will really enjoy, send him a basket that is the perfect combination of Beer and BBQ!

For the Dad who can’t say no to junk food…
Father's Day Deluxe Junk Food Bucket

Father’s Day Deluxe Junk Food BucketFather's Day Deluxe Junk Food Bucket

these Junk Food Buckets are some of the most unique and delicious Father’s Day Gifts out there!

Each of these Father’s Day gift baskets contains a unique combination of classic junk foods (Twizzlers, Mike & Ike, Blo Pops, Skittles, Tootsie Rolls, Plain and Peanut M & Ms, Smarties, and Nerds) with gourmet junk foods (Almond Pecan-dy Crunch, East Shore Specialty Dipping Pretzels, Brent & Sam’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Deep River Salted Kettle Chips, Southwest Trail Mix Gourmet Jelly Beans, and Dusted Caramel Chocolate Bites by Gloria’s).

So, if you want to give Dad a fun and delicious Father’s Day Gift that combines junk food old and new, this Deluxe Father’s Day Junk Food Bucket is IT!

And for the Dad who loves to grill…

Father's Day Deluxe Beer-B-Q BucketFather's Day Deluxe Beer-B-Q Bucket
Father’s Day Deluxe Beer-B-Q BucketFather's Day Deluxe Beer-B-Q Bucket

The Beer-B-Q Father’s Day Gifts combine Dad’s two loves: Beer and Grilling.

These unique Father’s Day gifts contain all the gourmet ingredients needed to make Dad a certified “Grill Master”, and enough beer to quench his summer thirst. Each of these Father’s day gift baskets contain gourmet beef & burger rub, poultry rub, maple chipotle grille sauce, red pepper grill sauce, peanuts, dipping pretzels, Corona, Sam Adams Seasonal, Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, and Stella Artois.

So, this year, send him something that you know he’ll love, send a Father’s Day Beer B-Q Gift Basket!

Save 15% off this Father’s Day by using the code – FDAY15 – for orders $100+ (excluding shipping cost).

Strange and stranger 2

The world is full of strange people, or to be more precise, people who strike me as strange. For instance, I’m enjoying a quiet coffee at the reception of a gym (not my regular gym) and minding my own business when a man comes up, stands over me and loudly asks if the person sitting across the coffee table from me is my mother. I didn’t answer him right away.

Instead I look up at him, giving him my signature once-over!! Granted he looks like your friendly neighborhood older person but still, how is it any business of his who that woman is? Not getting the response he expects, he repeats his question in the same demanding voice, to which I give him a do-I-know-you look and go, “Do you know her??!” I mean, so what if she is my mother? and so what if she isn’t?

Okay, maybe I’m just being difficult.

Not my fault, meeting a strange and nosy person first thing in the morning does this to me.

Unable to get a confirmation from me, he goes on to assume that she is (wrong!), and continues his line of questioning. So how old is she? Silence and a grin from me. So he starts guessing. Is she in her 60s? Silence and a grin. I wasn’t being rude or anything. I didn’t glare at him. I just didn’t say anything, and with people like that, it’s okay if you don’t answer, they won’t even notice, they’ll keep the questions coming from other angles and when they get tired of that, they go on to talk about themselves.

Actually more like brag. He tells me he’s 75, his wife is 73, and that they work out at this gym. Well, if he hadn’t annoyed me with that line of questioning, I might’ve jumped up enthusiastically and clapped, that’s great, I’m impressed! But he’d gotten me all sorta garlicky so I just nodded.

He goes on to lecture about what exercises he does. I couldn’t resist a big smile. I’m often amused listening to people like him. In my mind, I’m conjuring up images of him turning left and right, posing for selfies in his gym gear perched atop the gym equipment and posting them all over the internet LOL.

Pretty soon, I’m savvy to his weekly gym routine. Oh, I work out here for 1.5 hours 3-4 days a week, the other days of the week, I play golf, and my wife works out for 2 hours 5 days a week. We live across the road, it’s so convenient, we’re here every day. Oh man, as if I need to know all that! He laughs as he tells me, we have all the time in the world, we only eat and exercise… at which point, I’m LOL-ing real hard inside.

Yes, I know all about the eat-and-exercise syndrome. People here tell themselves it’s okay to pig out ’cause heck, they exercise – so no guilt, no worries, just eat. Then they go jump on the treadmill for 2-4 hours a day to ‘work off’ those calories they’ve just put on (you know, like filling up a wheelbarrow with rocks, then emptying it all out again) and they’re convinced it’s all good. Wokay, I get it LOL!

As it turned out, ten minutes was all it took me to know more about him than I do some of my relatives even. I really didn’t have to say much. He did all the talking. All I had to do was paste a big grin on my lips. Seriously though, now that I have all this information about this complete stranger, what do I do with it? 😏


The making of the homebody

There was a time when the kids’ hectic school life revolved around weekdays and we looked forward to weekends when we would crawl the malls endlessly in search of good food and good finds. These days, we’re prone to staying home on the weekends except for the occasional trip out to shop for necessities like groceries.

The malls seem to have lost their luster. Somehow the crowds seem different – more rude, more impatient, prices and traffic crazier than before, and language seems to be becoming more of a problem. I seem to be repeating myself more, grading my language more, and having to switch to languages other than English in order to be understood.

Then too, the malls used to be a welcoming refuge from the heat outside. Now it’s more like from the frying pan into the fire. The air-conditioning in the malls is barely there and strange as it may sound, I’m thankful for the flyers they give out (I used to loath them) that I now use to fan myself with. Looks like progress is all around.

This weekend, we’re staying home – again! There’s nowhere to go and nothing to eat, chorus the homebodies.



Music room

Way back when, the piano and the organ were what most kids learned to play. Now I hear parents saying that their kids are learning to play the drums, and in the case of my old school friend’s son, the saxophone. I bumped into her at the local mall while she was out looking for bg swabs and we spent a few minutes catching up. Her son’s teacher comes to the house to give him private music lessons I was just beginning to wonder how she could stand the sound of his saxophone practice in her home when she told me of her soundproof music room. Now I’m wondering what kind of mansion she lives in 😳 .

Not about the noodles

Not about the noodles

This may sound strange to you but I’ve never had ramen before, the restaurant version, that is. I don’t believe in ordering something that can easily be made at home, you know, like bacon and eggs, or fried rice, or ramen. But this post isn’t about the noodles. Far from it. Read on…

So it was a cool winter’s afternoon earlier this year that our search for takoyaki led us to a little restaurant in Japantown, San Francisco with glass walls that overlook the street outside. Cute, cozy and lots of natural light.


Our server, a young woman with short hair and checkered shirt, took our order of takoyaki and a bowl of ramen. The takoyaki was pretty good, loved the shavings but didn’t quite care for the mayo… that’s just me 😝!


As promised, our ramen came steaming hot with a thick home-brewed pork soup base which tasted much too strong for me though I have to say, thick soup is definitely better than watered down. The serving left us still hungry but we didn’t order more. To be fair, three of us were sharing 2 orders so ya, we deserved to go hungry 😏.

Anyhoo, enough about the noodles. It’s our server that I mean to talk about today. Well, since we were done eating in a snap and sat around for a bit afterwards, I had a chance to observe her. What struck me most about this place was the complete lack of staff. In fact, this young lady was the only person working the 10 to 12 tables. As customers walked in, she would show them to their table, take their orders (without even writing them down or punching into a machine), relay their orders to the kitchen, serve each table, take phone calls, bill the customers, clear tables and even found the time to look in on each table with the usual “how’s everything?” Yup, that sure is enough to overwhelm anyone!!

True, I’ve seen a few others like her, incredibly organized and cool as a cat, but I’ve also eaten at places where ten people can’t do half what she was doing. Remember, this is just one person working! You would imagine her rushing around like a headless chicken, confusing orders, forgetting stuff, keeping people waiting… But no, nothing like that at all. She was such a joy to watch – almost like a well-oiled piece of machinery waltzing to classical music playing in the background. Imagine her in any number of places where you’ve ever torn out your hair and hurled flowery language inside your head while being served. For that alone, I think she’s amazing. I’m not someone who is easily impressed but here, I definitely am. Very impressed.


Those party planners

It’s graduation time again. I’m seeing flowers, cute stuffed toys and other gifts on sale at the stores now. My girls are helping their friends brainstorm ideas on how to plan those all-time ‘important’ graduation parties. They’re out almost every day in a flurry of activity over how to make each party as cool and memorable as they can. It’s not even their graduation party but they are so busy planning and shopping it feels like it is.

Someone suggested that FavorWarehouse graduation party ideas are where the best ideas are, and they’re off like a pack of hounds sniffing around the website. Young people these days! Every event is a reason to party, and every event is a social media opportunity. My young ladies sure are having fun not only organizing their friends’ graduation parties but also shopping for what gifts to buy for their friends, and what they themselves are going to wear.

On being a bum

If it seems like I’ve given up on blogging, well, I haven’t. I’m still blogging, furiously, voraciously, in my head every day night. When my head hits the pillow, chances are that keyboard in my head will start hammering out a blog post. Since I’m not in the habit of sleeping with my gadgets, by sunrise, that post would either be lost in space, or relegated to my mental recycle bin. Oh well, so much for blogging!

As it is, life is pretty mundane. I’m more prone to staying home these days. Of late, most of our beloved restaurants have raised prices, reduced portions and watered down their fare. What could be worse than people who take their customers for fools, eh? So I’m down to a handful of restaurants that are just barely meeting our standards. If I were like the regular person who judges a restaurant by the number of diners rather than letting my own tastebuds decide, I might still have a list a mile and a half long. But that’s not me. Right now, I can honestly tell you, my list is looking rather sad.

Luckily for me, food isn’t everything. Shopping is, if you know me. That too, I’ve been doing too much of lately. Not retail therapy, mind you (I’m saving that for you, Cali!), but stuff I need for the house. Yeah, that kind of shopping is fun for a while but it gets to be a bit of a chore. Oh well, I’m done with that now so there’s precious little reason for me to be roaming the malls. I’m home a lot more than I used to, which isn’t necessarily all bad, since I get to stuff I rarely used to have time for, like afternoon naps (aaah!).

If you’re thinking, man, you’re boring, well, maybe I am, or maybe it’s this place, I don’t know, what do you think? Yeah, I should probably join a Facebook food group and spice up my social life with a bunch of strangers. Except I don’t do Facebook, and I’m not interested in saliva-sharing, and I don’t have the patience for people who are unapologetic about showing up late, and I’m not willing to drive out miles for food that everyone else swears is good but likely isn’t… and well, food, in general, isn’t that important to me anyways, so yeah! I can handle a small group of friends who know me and my quirks, and it’s fun when I’m out with my kids but it’s too much work for me to be out with a big, rowdy social group.

So that’s a bit of a random update. I’m trying to find a way to turn my nocturnal blogging into tangible posts because goodness knows how cyberspace must miss my writing by now 😏. To be honest, I miss writing and maybe I’m tired of being a bum too. And I really do miss writing. Have I mentioned that already?

Sidenote: I’m suddenly reminded of a guy I used to work with who would read and reread my memos, emails and every bit of documentation I wrote. No, he didn’t have a crush on me, hell no! He says he just loves to read my writing and I’m like, but it’s business writing, and he goes, I still love the way you write. Hahaha, funny guy 😄!

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