Not about the noodles

Not about the noodles

This may sound strange to you but I’ve never had ramen before, the restaurant version, that is. I don’t believe in ordering something that can easily be made at home, you know, like bacon and eggs, or fried rice, or ramen. But this post isn’t about the noodles. Far from it. Read on…

So it was a cool winter’s afternoon earlier this year that our search for takoyaki led us to a little restaurant in Japantown, San Francisco with glass walls that overlook the street outside. Cute, cozy and lots of natural light.


Our server, a young woman with short hair and checkered shirt, took our order of takoyaki and a bowl of ramen. The takoyaki was pretty good, loved the shavings but didn’t quite care for the mayo… that’s just me 😝!


As promised, our ramen came steaming hot with a thick home-brewed pork soup base which tasted much too strong for me though I have to say, thick soup is definitely better than watered down. The serving left us still hungry but we didn’t order more. To be fair, three of us were sharing 2 orders so ya, we deserved to go hungry 😏.

Anyhoo, enough about the noodles. It’s our server that I mean to talk about today. Well, since we were done eating in a snap and sat around for a bit afterwards, I had a chance to observe her. What struck me most about this place was the complete lack of staff. In fact, this young lady was the only person working the 10 to 12 tables. As customers walked in, she would show them to their table, take their orders (without even writing them down or punching into a machine), relay their orders to the kitchen, serve each table, take phone calls, bill the customers, clear tables and even found the time to look in on each table with the usual “how’s everything?” Yup, that sure is enough to overwhelm anyone!!

True, I’ve seen a few others like her,Β incredibly organized and cool as a cat, but I’ve also eaten at places where ten people can’t do half what she was doing. Remember, this is just one person working! You would imagine her rushing around like a headless chicken, confusing orders, forgetting stuff, keeping people waiting… But no, nothing like that at all. She was such a joy to watch – almost like a well-oiled piece of machinery waltzing to classical music playing in the background. Imagine her in any number of places where you’ve ever torn out your hair and hurled flowery language inside your head while being served. For that alone, I think she’s amazing. I’m not someone who is easily impressed but here, I definitely am. Very impressed.


Those party planners

It’s graduation time again. I’m seeing flowers, cute stuffed toys and other gifts on sale at the stores now. My girls are helping their friends brainstorm ideas on how to plan those all-time ‘important’ graduation parties. They’re out almost every day in a flurry of activity over how to make each party as cool and memorable as they can. It’s not even their graduation party but they are so busy planning and shopping it feels like it is.

Someone suggested that FavorWarehouse graduation party ideas are where the best ideas are, and they’re off like a pack of hounds sniffing around the website. Young people these days! Every event is a reason to party, and every event is a social media opportunity. My young ladies sure are having fun not only organizing their friends’ graduation parties but also shopping for what gifts to buy for their friends, and what they themselves are going to wear.

On being a bum

If it seems like I’ve given up on blogging, well, I haven’t. I’m still blogging, furiously, voraciously, in my head every day night. When my head hits the pillow, chances are that keyboard in my head will start hammering out a blog post. Since I’m not in the habit of sleeping with my gadgets, by sunrise, that post would either be lost in space, or relegated to my mental recycle bin. Oh well, so much for blogging!

As it is, life is pretty mundane. I’m more prone to staying home these days. Of late, most of our beloved restaurants have raised prices, reduced portions and watered down their fare. What could be worse than people who take their customers for fools, eh? So I’m down to a handful of restaurants that are just barely meeting our standards. If I were like the regular person who judges a restaurant by the number of diners rather than letting my own tastebuds decide, I might still have a list a mile and a half long. But that’s not me. Right now, I can honestly tell you, my list is looking rather sad.

Luckily for me, food isn’t everything. Shopping is, if you know me. That too, I’ve been doing too much of lately. Not retail therapy, mind you (I’m saving that for you, Cali!), but stuff I need for the house. Yeah, that kind of shopping is fun for a while but it gets to be a bit of a chore. Oh well, I’m done with that now so there’s precious little reason for me to be roaming the malls. I’m home a lot more than I used to, which isn’t necessarily all bad, since I get to stuff I rarely used to have time for, like afternoon naps (aaah!).

If you’re thinking, man, you’re boring, well, maybe I am, or maybe it’s this place, I don’t know, what do you think? Yeah, I should probably join a Facebook food group and spice up my social life with a bunch of strangers. Except I don’t do Facebook, and I’m not interested in saliva-sharing, and I don’t have the patience for people who are unapologetic about showing up late, and I’m not willing to drive out miles for food that everyone else swears is good but likely isn’t… and well, food, in general, isn’t that important to me anyways, so yeah! I can handle a small group of friends who know me and my quirks, and it’s fun when I’m out with my kids but it’s too much work for me to be out with a big, rowdy social group.

So that’s a bit of a random update. I’m trying to find a way to turn my nocturnal blogging into tangible posts because goodness knows how cyberspace must miss my writing by now 😏. To be honest, I miss writing and maybe I’m tired of being a bum too. And I really do miss writing. Have I mentioned that already?

Sidenote: I’m suddenly reminded of a guy I used to work with who would read and reread my memos, emails and every bit of documentation I wrote. No, he didn’t have a crush on me, hell no! He says he just loves to read my writing and I’m like, but it’s business writing, and he goes, I still love the way you write. Hahaha, funny guy πŸ˜„!


The old music store

I walked past the music store where my daughters used to go for their guitar lessons. It still looks the same – they sell musical instruments at the storefront, and there’s a hallway that leads to a cluster of rooms in the back where they conduct music lessons.

I still remember sitting on the benches outside on Saturday afternoons waiting for my daughters. Business at the store still seems to be good because aside from selling only musical instruments, they are also selling accessories like the jupiter 8 now. I wonder if their teacher still teaches there.

Hip to be Shopping – Look chic all summer

Hey all you sun worshippers, it’s time to show your toes, take an afternoon stroll and stretch out the beach. I hope you enjoy my hand-picked selection this week.

Bliss-er in the Sun Wedge
Bliss-er in the Sun Wedge

Cause a stylish heat wave by strutting down the boardwalk in these pear-green wedges by Miz Mooz! Boasting elegant folds, round, brassy buckles, and faux-stacked platform heels, this smooth leather pair lets you glow on with cheerful panache.

Let's Have Sun Fun One-Piece Swimsuit
Let’s Have Sun Fun One-Piece Swimsuit

Arrange your waterside look around this retro swimsuit by Jessica Simpson Swim, and youre bound to have the best day! With its colorfully printed garden of leafy flowers and Southwestern-inspired chevrons, this supportive, side-ruched one piece makes even the sunniest day a bit brighter.

Sun-soaked Afternoon Dress
Sun-soaked Afternoon Dress

The sun reflects off the rolling waves as you make your way to the boardwalk in this striped midi dress! This jersey-knit frock touts a plunging V-neckline, gathered empire waist, and enough nautical flair to fit right into this waterside scene.

Look chic all summer and enjoy FREE US shipping and FREE returns on your order of $50+ of perfectly polished styles. For a limited time only.


Hip to be Shopping – Dainty tea gift sets for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. How could I not have realized this? πŸ˜ƒ As a mother myself, I love receiving gifts that are not only pretty but practical… like these tea sets. Such adorable Mother’s Day gifts these would make, don’t you think?

Dream and Sugar Tea SetDream and Sugar Tea Set in Silver Trim

Thank your friends for being so lovely by gathering them around this adorable teacup set for a gourmet fete! Garnished with silver trim and matching handles, this boxed set features six heart-shaped mugs and matching saucers in hues of cranberry, lemon, orange, rose, mint, and pale blueberry.

Because of Brew Tea SetBecause of Brew Tea Set

You owe it to this patterned tea set for complementing your perky panache so well. Made of glazed, ivory ceramic that flaunts blue, mosaic-inspired patterns and sunny-yellow trim, each piece of this set offers a unique air that invites you to sip in festive elegance.

Cup of Joy Tea SetCup of Joy Tea Set

What goes best with an energizing brew? A set of dishware as cheerful as these colorful mugs! Crafted from polished white ceramic with a rainbow of refreshing hues as cool contrast, these cups and saucers offer the jolly jolt you need to start the day.

This year’s Mother’s Day gifting comes with FREE US shipping on all orders $50+ now. No coupon required. Happy shopping! πŸ’‹


The unwilling courier

So it looks like we have another episode of someone we’ve never even met aka friend of a friend of a friend asking us to buy and bring stuff back for them from our travels. On a good day and if they’re a treasured friend, I might make it an exception and say yes. But look, if I don’t know this person from Adam, or Eve in this case, forget it! I’m a nice person but no! And you know why? Because if the situation were reversed, I wouldn’t even think to impose on someone’s time and luggage space to shop for my stuff and cart it halfway across the world. That would be entirely too selfish and tactless of me.

But as society goes around here, we’ve encountered numerous episodes of such people who sadly only think of themselves, have no manners, and/or are completely unappreciative. Once we bought a tube of beauty cream for some woman who then told us it was the wrong cream. She didn’t want it and conveniently ‘forgot’ to pay us back. There goes our $70 + like it’s our fault??!! It’s a risk you take by asking a complete stranger to do your shopping. And if it’s the wrong item, she should quietly suck it up and pay up. But no, not this woman! So that’s what you get from doing someone a favor.

In the current episode though, maybe I should excuse this person. She wants us to buy her a supply of immortality pills!! I had no idea immortality pills existed. Did you? Hmmm, but I think I can understand! I mean, who doesn’t want to live forever, eh? So yeah! She may not have met us before even but that sure ain’t gonna stop her from getting her hands on those ‘never say die’ pills, right?!!!

At this point, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. First off, do I look like Fedex to you?, and second, pills that let you live forev…?!!! Wait, let’s back this up a second here. Now if I throw my calculator into my Business degree, I’m going to say, heck, I’ll toss out my suitcases, fork out any amount of excess baggage fees, and play courier. I mean, it’s immortality we’re talking about here!! Hohoho, at this rate, I might even be buying over Fedex next!

But seriously, Ms Immortal Wannabe, I suggest you order your pills online and wait for them to be shipped to you. It might cost a bit more and take a bit longer but then, as I understand it, time is on your side and you sure can afford to wait forever. Right? πŸ˜‰

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