Hip to be #Shopping – A #summer #tea party

Are you set for a cozy tea party in a gazebo on a warm summer evening?

Dream and Sugar Tea Set

Thank your friends for being so lovely by gathering them around this adorable teacup set for a gourmet fte. Garnished with golden trim and matching metallic handles, this boxed set features six subtly heart-shaped mugs that sit on sweetly matching saucers.

Enveloping today’s aromatic blend in hues of cranberry, lemon, orange, rose, mint, and pale blueberry, this charmant collection invites you to match each piece with the perfect companion. My, what a thoughtful host you are!

Discerning Palette Coffee Maker in Green Shoots – 3 Cup

Bring some cheerful color to your morning routine by brewing your coffee in this bright green percolator by Pantone. Arriving in one of their signature shades Green Shoots 2294, this metal coffee maker invites you to infuse your kitchen decor with classic charm.

Simply fill the base with water, scoop ground coffee into the removable sieve, and screw the pitcher on top, before placing this percolator on your stove. Then it’s just a short wait until your rich, aromatic blend bubbles to the top, and you can enjoy. With this retro-inspired essential in your breakfast nook, the conversation will be as vibrant as the omelets are artful.

Decor on Display Tea Towel Set

You may be known for your green thumb, but today youre cultivating compliments on your decorating skills by cleaning up with this linen tea towel set. Printed with a collection of terrariums on one towel and a display of colorful butterflies on the other, these black-trimmed kitchen accessories make it plant and simple to see that you know exactly how to bring your space to life.

Enjoy your summer tea party and FREE US shipping on all orders $50+. No coupon required.

Korean food story, the best for last

Korean food story, the best for last

And here is the K-food episode that everyone’s been waiting for. The one where the food was everything most of us had hoped for. The one that had our silver (no less!) chopsticks clicking with glee. The one that featured samgyeopsal as the star of the show.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we walked in. But as each dish arrived, we quickly got the picture. This seafood soup bursting with crab, clams, squid, tofu and assorted veggies looks ordinary enough but tastewise, it was dabomb (pretty sure this term is going to start appearing in some posts near you :grin: ).


This here is the kimchi of my dreams. Who knew using soybean sprouts instead of cabbage would lift kimchi to such a level of yumminess?! More, please! Can’t get enough of this!


Somewhere along the line, someone ordered naengmyeon. Cold noodles? Never heard of it. To me, noodles must be eaten hot or not at all. Cold noodles?!! No way. Still this bowl of buckwheat noodles with an abundance of seaweed, shredded veggies and a hard-boiled egg was a great experience for discerning tastebuds. I won’t say I like it but at least now I can say I’ve had noodles done completely the opposite of how I’ve ever eaten them.


And finally when our server arrived, hoisting this long plate of samgyeopsal over his shoulder, I was squealing in delight inside. What a feast for the eyes! Rolls and rolls of pork belly each seasoned in a different marinade – wine, insam (ginseng), herbs, etc. Man, this must be the ultimate trip in skyhigh calories!


On an equally long tray came the rows of fresh raw lettuce, enoki and eryngii mushrooms, peppers and garlic…


… all of which our server proceeded to lay out on the barbecue grill in front of us. This was a feast for the gods, I tell you. I don’t even mind the deluge of perspiration dripping down our temples and neck, the heat on our faces (which even the air-conditioning and big blasting fans failed to cool) and tongues (from the spiciness of the food). In fact, I’d say it made this dining experience all the more unforgettable.


It makes me drool just looking at this tasty wrap of samgyeopsal, raw garlic, and soybean sprout kimchi. One tasty mouthful after another, I couldn’t stop. To me, this was the best Korean meal we’ve had in the past few months. I’m now officially a Korean food-loving convert :grin: .



Cool favorites for hot days

Cool favorites for hot days

These are hot, hot days and these are hot favorites in the Hip family.

An ice lolly always helps. Lime and vanilla (with matching green nail color) makes an awesomely refreshing combination.


Freshly squeezed iced orange juice… aah!


There’s nothing more refreshing than coconut water from a fresh young coconut straight out of the fridge.


What do you do to cope with the crazy heat?


Hip to be #Shopping – A day by the #pool 1

Know what’s the best way to beat the heat? Spend the day by the pool in these simple yet chic choices.

Beach Blanket Bingo One-Piece Swimsuit in Black - Plus Size
Beach Blanket Bingo One-Piece Swimsuit in Black – Plus Size

Inspired by our favorite beach party film, this holy grail of swimwear is now in plus size. Flattering on every body type, this retro swimsuit by Esther Williams in soft black – as featured in InStyle Magazine – features low-cut legs, a high-waisted bottom with flattering ruching, and a halter neck to keep you classically chic as you sip daiquiris in the sun. It’s a great way to show off your flair for vintage style – even at the beach. Other size options available.

Prance Partner Flat in Dots
Prance Partner Flat in Dots

It’s hard to contain your giddy excitement once you slip on these dotted slingbacks from DV by Dolce Vita. Adorned with darling black dots and a fun, lash-like print, this white fabric flat also features an electric, coral bow at the back of its heel strap.

Catch You on the Zip Side Bag
Catch You on the Zip Side Bag

You rarely leave home without this chic tote – and that’s certainly no surprise. Comprised of softly pebbled vegan faux leather, this sandy-beige bag boasts a distressed finish, contrasting black straps, and a flap-closure pocket. Embellished with bold zippers and rose-gold hardware, this basic beauty is a definite keeper.

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To the person who called me Madam

Yes, you did tick me off. I picked up your call on a sunny morning and when I heard you call me “Madam So-and-So”, the skies turned grey outside! I don’t like being called Madam. I may be okay with Ma’am, or maybe not but Madam is a definite no!

I don’t like the sound of it. It gives me da goosebumps and makes me go, who? me? madam? It’s archaic, antiquated, like aged paint peeling off the walls. It conjures images of a huge woman standing over the stove, wooden spoon in hand, ready to smack some poor kid. That’s not me. I can’t see myself.

I know you’re trying to be polite and all, being that you’re trying to sell me something. I get that. But you could’ve asked, “How should I address you?” and we could’ve happily sorted it all out right there.

I mean, come on, Madam? Seriously? In this day and age? Take a look outside your window (if you have one). Hell-llo?!! It’s the 21st century. You can’t go around calling people Madam. Ask around, there’s many ladies like me out there, I’m sure!


Loud and clear

Of late, we’ve been hearing loud opera-style music permeating through the neighborhood. It may or may not be the work of someone in his mid-life crisis. We’re having a hard time figuring out if it’s Japanese opera or the latest Memphis.

He blasts it out so loud I have been jolted out of my afternoon nap! Not funny, says one neighbor! I love it, says another, because my wife won’t let me play my opera at that decibel. There you have it, what’s music to one man’s ears is another man’s annoyance!

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 150 6

Everyday Ruralty
1. Do you ever watch old TV shows or movies from your childhood or youth?

I don’t watch TV.

2. Have you ever adopted a rescued animal?


3. Are you good at keeping track of paperwork and records?

The beginnings are usually good and then I tend to slack off. Would appreciate any tips on how to stay on track.

4. What would you like the Magic Wendell Fairy to poof with his wand, and turn into a treat for you? Any snack or sweet you would like? It doesn’t have to do with carrots, or HE’D eat it!

A nice cold drink (non-alcoholic please) would be nice. The weather is nasty hot here.

5. Tell me something interesting- please.

My girl friend will be here in 20 seconds to pick me up. I’m off. Have a great week.